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Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten?
Your hands were specially made
not for what they give, but what they give away
Your hands are the way
God blesses others every day

Your feet carry not just you
but everything you are meant to do
your feet are the way
God spreads His help everyday

Your mouth holds power to create
it's not made for gossip or what you just ate
your mouth is the way
God spreads words of hope and love every day

Your heart holds power to love
unconditional love flowing from above
your heart is the way
God leads you in His path everyday

Have you forgotten you are more than flesh and bone?
That your body is not your own?
Mankind and earth need you now-
Need you to remember, remember how--
all you give away comes back to you
the help your hands give, the words that come true
the children you raise to love all
the heart you use to heed the call

Awaken dear one
Know who you are
You are flesh that is made from a star
the power of the universe dwells in you
now that you know...
what will you do?

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