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The Fall of her Castle


And she sat in the window of her castle so tall
surrounded and protected by all her walls
walls of flesh and blood that over the years she nourished
armour against being unwanted, unheard, unloved- finished
reconciled to her spirit dieing
lonely and tired of trying.

Then in a last attempt her spirit stood
causing her hand to reach out before she knew if it should-
in the wall a breech was made in one place.
But she did not see it with her hidden face.

The spirit of a man had called out to her soul
and she watched as he conquered her fear and as he told
of things strange and new to her ears,
bringing her to life with a longing to hear
To hear his voice, to know the life of this man
to hear the ocean break on the shores of his island
his exotic home, so foreign to her mind
telling of another place, another time.

The walls around her castle began to shake
the crystal surrounding her heart started to break
Pain flooded in with the blinding light
she turned her face and hid again from his sight.

And she sat in her window, scared to be alone
when she looked for him, he was gone
And she waited and waited, then she called out his name
She knew she needed him, she was not the same

The walls fell down, her heart trembled, her knees weak
her hands shook, and she couldn't speak
For there in the sunlight, stood the man she had known -
the man who had claimed her for his own

The sun behind her, on the ruins of her wall
stands the only man who knows her, dark and tall
The last of the crystal in her heart slipped out
and she looked at him with eyes clear, and no doubt

She turns her face, and catches his eye
she knows that she is going to try
try to live again, to once again feel
she reaches out her hand, hoping this is real

He takes her hand gently leads her away
from the shadows of the ruins into the bright light of day
She follows her heart, this man who set her free
he is her rock, her beacon, the one she needs.

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