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Journeys for YOU

Journeys- $200.00 payable through paypal
or by emailing me for my address.


I travel to the spiritual realm, and find your soul. I look to see where there are any areas of sickness, or anywhere that you are needing healing. I then use light energy to work on that area.
Sometimes when people suffer a traumatic event, part of their soul 'jumps out' of the body, and lingers in that place. Psychiatrists call this dis-association. Shock can cause this, rape, abuse, car wrecks, near death experiences, many things.... If you have pieces missing, I will go find them, and bring them back into integration with your soul.
Also, if anyone is attacking you or draining your energy, I will break that off for you, and restore your energy. If you are having communication problems with someone, it is possible to open those lines of communication with a journey. The very day I journeyed and talked with my daughter (who I had not heard from) she called me, and continues to do so.
Sometimes you will recieve some instructions of something to do to help integrate your soul part that has been returned. For one person, it was to read fairy tales, to please the 6 year old part that was returned.
Usually you feel a difference in yourself the day that the spiritual journey is done. Sometimes it takes a few days or so. I always ask that anyone email me a week after the journey, and let me know how they are doing.
Even though a spiritual journey can help you tremendously with all of the above, you still have your part to play- to recieve instructions and not carry them out can alter the outcome of your results.

Please email me with your problem, and what you are wanting, and let's talk! You can email me by clicking on the picture below.

To read what ones I have journeyed for have to say,