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All my life I have had intense, techicolor dreams. I LOVE dreams!

Dreams are the easiest way for God to communicate
with us, for while we sleep the veil between the worlds
is at it's thinnest, and our 'head' can't interrupt!

I believe every dream has more than one meaning-
there are many levels to us!
My dream work involves helping you uncover
the full meaning of the dream for your personal use.
I have a unique way of working with your dreams
to bring changes into your 'waking' life.

I can get helpful information from fragments of dreams.

Everyone dreams. You can help yourself remember
your dreams by putting a pad and paper by the bed,
and telling yourself (or asking your angels to
help you) that you will dream, and remember it.

As you begin to receive flashes of dreams,
write them down, no matter how small it may be.
This is honoring the dream. Once you begin to
remember, you can ask for help with 'waking life' problems.

When the Super Nintendo System first came out,
I got hooked on Zelda! I couldn't find the third
castle, I tried for hours. That night I had
a dream that showed me where it was. I got out of
bed (4 am LOL) and went right to that castle!
Just a fun example of how useful dreams can be.

Nightmares are some of the most helpful dreams
there are. Pay attention to them!

I have helped people from all over the world
from Tasmania to Australia, from Ireland to Egypt,
from Florida to Alaska, to work with their dreams.
Each dream is unique, with a unique
meaning to the dreamer.
When sending your dream to me, please tell me if
the people in your dream are people you know, or have
known, and what they were to you in your life.
If the building or setting you are in is one from
'real life', please say so and when you were in that
place. Any other information you can send relating
to the dream will enhance the layers of interpretation
you get.
All dreams have many layers, and I strive to give
as much information for as many areas of your
life as I can. Your dream interpretation will come directly
from God, not from a book. You can trust your
interpretation will be encouraging and uplifting,
even if it was a nightmare.

For a dream interpretation-
- use the paypal button
- email the dream to me (click on the box below)
- watch your email to hear from me!
Please give 2-4 days to receive your interpretation.

For one dream, the interpretation is $30.00