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Hand Made Items

Page under construction, images soon.

Slouchy Beanie hats -
size means how long the slouch part is. All are made to fit a 22 inch head.
If your head is larger or smaller, please let me know.
A small slouch comes to the top of the back of the neck.
A medium slouch comes to the middle of the neck.
A large slouch comes down to the bottom of the neck.
I am also able to make them as long as you want. You will need to
send me the length from the crown of your head for as long as you want it to be.
We will have to talk about pricing, will depend on the length.
The following prices are for worsted weight yarn.
small slouch - $30
medium slouch - $40
large slouch - %55

Wrist warmers-
Bell shaped - $25
tubular - $25

A small slouch, bell or tube warmers and a scarf to match - $ 75.