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OK, you asked for it! All about me!!

I was born in the hills of Kentucky. My heritage is Cherokee/Irish. I am now 50 years old, and have been using my spiritual gifts to help others for over 30 years. I currently live in Erie, PA with my Maine Coon cat, Blue.

I have had three near death experiences before the age of 30, and two Out of Body experiences. I've had a strong connection with Spirit as long as I can remember.

My spiritual growth has taken many twists
and turns during my life. I am still learning, still growing, and hope it never ends!
I've always been able to connect with others, animals, and to work with weather. I've moved objects with my mind, had visions and spiritual experiences since I was young.

I play flue, Irish tin whistle, pan flute and the recorder. I love to read, and I love movies! You can find my recommendations here -

I had the only live dream interpretation radio program in the state of Kentucky in the late 90's, and had an international dream ministry at that time. Today I use my gifts exclusively online.