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People Who I Met Through the Internet

Some I have met in person as well and some not yet :-)

most of these images I either recieved from the person themselves or I found through links they provided to me

This Is Robert, one of the people online who I am closest to.
We met through the internet my freshman year and our friendship has
just blossomed hugely. We've met in person a couple times and pretty much plan
to get together at least once every year. These pics are from Summer of 2003
when we with a couple other friends got together at Virginia beach for a few days.
And if you're in NJ looking at this guy and wanna know more then contact me and
I'll give ya' the info ;-)

^^that's out on the balcony of the big penthouse we all put our money together to get

^^Rob decided to be a sweetheart and take me out to dinner. It was great and we both kinda dressed up for it ^^

Now this Nice Lady is Pam. She learned of me through Robert.
We talked a lot online and it was fun. I haven't talked with her recently
but hopefully that'll change. I enjoyed our talks. These are pics that Rob took and gave to me when I asked

This cute person is John. He's also someone who was at first surprised but now is into my
passion for cars and what a person can do with one. He's from Cali and
has had his own bad luck with cars. He's really cool and says he'll come visit me
at some point. I'm hoping he brings his charger so that I can drive it :-P
He's also the one who encouraged me to give my car a name. I decided on "lil one"
He's really cool to talk with and is great at listening to me. Often we're picking and
and just having a good ol' fun time!!

This person is Barry. He's one of the few who totally understands my love
for my honda civic. He used to have an SI (I'm so jealous!!)
But he's a really nice guy and very polite!
He got me a great discount on the futon in my Apt.
and even brought it down and put it together!
So of course we met breifly but he wants to come down
once I get my spoiler installed on my car and check it out.

This guy is Michael. He's from ENGLAND!! we met in a cam chat that I tried as a trial thing
from there we just became friends. He has a very adorable daughter and is a nice guy himself
we don't talk as much as we used to but when we do it's always fun.

This Dude is James. He goes to my college and found me through AIM.
Of course we've met and often pick on each other a lot.
As you see he's a goof sometimes. If you wanna know more about him
you gotta contact me :-P

This nice lookin fellow is also from my college. His name is Martin.
I met him through the ACU forums. He's very fun loving and is great at making me laugh.
we met briefly. I was sitting in the dorm parking lot with Bro in my car and
bro insisted that I turn on my blue washer nozzle lights. I thought I heard someone call my name
I looked around and didn't see anyone I reconized. Then a guy approached my window and asked
if I was Rebecca. and then I realized it was martin :-D we chit chatted a bit but bro and he
had to go in cause of freshman curfew. But it was cool to finally meet the guy!!

in yahoo chats there's an IMVironment that you can use called doodle. While talking one
night Martin and I created this (I did the lightning and the cloud the rest was his master piece)

This charming looking guy is Kevin. He's funny to talk with and a very caring and sweet guy
He's from Iowa.

This cute devil is also called Robert. He's from California
and keeps beggin' me to come out and see him. He and I met
through excite chat also and have become great friends.
We like to pick on each other a lot and just make each other laugh

This guy is Eric. He's going to my college also! He's pretty smart when it comes to computer
stuff... Also he's fun to talk to and has a great sense of humor.

here's one with his pretty GF

This handsome dude is Lee. He and I met through excite chat also.
He used to live in abilene and still had some friends here at the time.
We're just begining to talk again

This is Tim. He's a very interesting guy. He's an excite chat person. He's generally very
funny but you don't want to get on his bad side. we don't talk much but usually our brief
conversations are humorous. I got these pics from his website

this one is from his profile which I like cause I'm a pepsi person too!!

This person is Scott. We met through Excite chats and
haven't talked in a while and just recently began speaking again.
This is an AVhe did himself

And here's Jim. He's a funny guy to talk with. but can hold a good serious conversation.
He's becomeing very succesful with computers now and hopes to return to Florida. Right now
he's in NJ learning and working to his best ability.

This is another Michael. He's from California and once while my folks and I were out there visiting
some relatives he and I met up and we all went to the San Diego Zoo and other stuff. It was fun!

This is yet another Robert that I know.... well, kinda. He's from around here and somehow
got my name on yahoo and we've talked some. Usually he's busy with work or talking to more
of his closer friends but we've still had some laughs along the way




Well That is it for now. I'm bugging everyone to send me pics to put up so if you want your pic up send them to the e-mail address provided in the contact info. OR IM me






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