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Welcome to Silver Coin!

Silver Coin is a website dedicated to Long John Silver, of "Disney's Treasure Planet". Why "Silver Coin"? Well, coins are typically used to describe two faces and I felt that that title would fit appropriately for this particular character. This is unlike any other fansite, though. It is small, and it contains more text than anything else so I'd advise you to visit the Links section, unless you are willing to read my opinions and analyzations. ;) I will try to put up some more multimedia in the future but for now, this is what I have.

Who?:: Official information about the old scalawag's past

Why? :: Why I favor Silver

Jimbo :: His relationship with Jimbo

Links :: Links to other Treasure Planet websites

Disclaimer :: Legal mumbo-jumbo

Also, please visit my Sketchbook site if you have the time. ;)

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