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I am obsessed with glass. The fluidity of the distortion created by the glass is fascinating. Because of the transparent nature of the glass, I find myself painting more of what is placed behind the glass than the surface of the actual glass object. The glass is used as a window. It separates me from the background object thus changing the nature of the object.

This forces me to be very conscious as to what I place behind my glass pieces in my still lifes. I like to create a great range of contrast in my images. I am also drawn to bright colors. Specifically, I am interested in the variety of saturations that appear in the composition. I pay especial attention to the varying degrees of hardness between colors when seen through the glass. some of my favorite subjects are my lastest manga novel, a photograph of Axl Rose, or an artist I admire’s work. using these refernces creates a personal connection to my work for me in a way that is universally accessible.

I work in oils on masonite. The masonite provides a smooth surface to paint on, which reflects the smooth, cold nature of a piece of glass. I work with soft brushes to minimize my visible brush marks. My paintings are very flat, not a lot of paint is raised off of the surface of the masonite. I prefer the surface of the paintings to resemble that of the glass. it is not my intention to make the viewer aware of the painting process.

I like the reaction my paintings get. I like the amazed, yet confused look that people get on their faces. The question, what exactly is that, is one of my greatest pleasures. I want people to see what they want to see in my work.

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