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Welcome To My Backgrounds Page!!

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I Also Make Dolls For Your Website, shop, or anywhere!


(**If any images come up as X's on your computer, just click the back button and then come back, and they'll be fine. Also, you can try refreshing, too.**)

FOR YOUR WEBPAGE: You may use these backgrounds outside of Neopets as well. Follow the directions below, and paste the code and URL of the image background you want on your webpage, in your main index page. You DO NOT have to upload the image. You may link to it from my site. FOR NEOPET USERS: To use these backgrounds in your shop, user lookup, or background of your guild, copy the code here and just add the URL address of the background you want to use. STEP ONE: Copy the code in the box below and paste it in your shop description or wherever you want the background to go. STEP TWO: To get the URL address of the image you want, click on the thumbnail of that image. The address of that image will be in your address bar, and you will see a full-screen preview of the background. Right click in the address bar to highlight the address, then choose "copy". Insert the address of the image between the ( ) 's where indicated, and you're done! Enjoy your new background!

pooonyou1978 got their Neopet at
My Floaties:Like the floating UNI on my page? I will make a 'floaty' for anyone that requests one. Any image. Neopet or not. The image is also 'pausable'. This means that visitors to your page can turn it off simply by clicking on it, or turn it back on by clicking on it again. I charge a small fee for my floaties (mainly because of the large ammount of html script code I have to write for each one.), usually around 1000np. To make a request for a FLOATER, Neomail me, pooonyou1978. Please be as descrpitive as possible when making a request. (Don't just tell me you want a Harry Potter floaty. Tell me what you want it to look like, what colors you would like used, and what you want it to say, if anything.)PS~Please be advised that you should have MSN, YAHOO, some other messanger, (or an email if you want it sent there) so I can send you the html script code when completed, as Neopets will not allow me to send raw html code through Neomail.

Click the image above to go to the cutest baby neopet guild around! See You In Neopia!

Secret Lab Map Pieces I Have! (Only 3 Left!)

This code for a FIXED (non-repeating, means text seems to float over the background, instead of moving with it. RECOMENDED FOR BEST QUALITY OF IMAGE ON MOST BROWSERS.) background:

This code for a STRETCHED and REPEATING (background repeats and stretches~OR TILES~to fill entire page, and 'moves' with the text.) background:

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Dolls By: pooonyou1978

I am taking requests for Dolls. Please Neomail me (pooonyou1978) and tell me what you want exactly. Please include hair color and length, color of outfit, wether you want pants, shorts, a skirt, or a dress, And what kind of scene you want her in. Also, I can make pregnant ones, and ones with kids or babies if you know a "mommy" that would like one! And yes, I can make boy ones too! Small charge for my Dolls, but I can have them done in a matter of minutes!

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