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8 Haiku by
Joseph Randell Sherman
(bilingual introduction)


Joseph*'s Choices
Poems with Images


Joseph*'s awarded photos
Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards





Alexandra* is the abbreviation used, as alias, by Maria Alexandra Oliveira, to sign her literary and artistic creations – the latter, namely, in the domains of painting, drawing, and digital art – and, in a more intimate, yet simultaneously, more universal perspective, used, also, as the symbol of a concept shared with author and artist Joseph Randell Sherman (Joseph*), within a philosophy in which life and art merge, forming a whole where individuality is, nevertheless, protected and cherished, and that both define as OneLight*®.

Born in the North of Portugal, in surroundings where rural and industrial components blend, in a texture of perspectives with absolutely unique characteristics, Alexandra* defines her creative path by means of an analogy, inspired by her above mentioned background:

Like a fabric, progressively woven of an intrinsic web of principles, education, avid and diversified readership, and a multiplicity of evolving expressions of impressions, and of an extrinsic warp of multiple and mutable circumstances. Actually, a fabric in constant development and refinement, in many occasions ripped, or even, totally shredded and started all over again, and, in brief, never quite finished.

In what concerns her style, Alexandra* defines herself, simply, as someone who writes, draws, paints, takes photos and creates digital compositions following no particular genre or school, and who doesn't feel influenced by any specific literary or artistic trend. “I'm just myself… a being composed of several facets in constant metamorphosis, and a being who composes in direct reflection of such constant metamorphosis within her several facets.”

Alexandra* is co-author (with Joseph*) of the newly released book ”Universes Beyond the Visible ~ Elements of Dream”, featuring splendid colour photography by Joseph* and bilingual texts of poetry and poetic prose by both authors, published in 2005 by Inapa – Medialivros, SA (to find out more about this book, please visit the OneLight*® Bookstore). This is the second published collaboration of Joseph Randell Sherman (Joseph*) and Alexandra*, who created the illustrations for the book of poetry “Echoes From Within ~ A Book of Haiku”, by that author. (Publish America, Baltimore – Maryland, E.U.A., 2004).

Alexandra*'s poetry and poetic prose have also been published in three editions (2006, 2007 and 2008) of   “Antologia de Escritas” (3rd Anthology of Escritas) – a yearly compilation of poems and other writings by authors of Portuguese language, coordinated by José Félix, as well as in the 1st and 2nd editions (2007 and 2008) of "Antologia Poética Amante das Leituras", coordinated by Ana Maria Costa and published by "Edium Editores".

To read poems and other texts by this author in the English language, please visit her page in the international literary forum AuthorsDen:

Alexandra* OneLight*® at AD

Artwork and poetry in English illustrated and formatted by Alexandra* will soon be available in this website.


Joseph Randell Sherman was born in Iowa, in the United States of America, where he also lived until he emigrated to Portugal in the summer 2004.

 Joseph’s creativity was encouraged throughout his life by teachers, friends and family. Beginning at the age of four, Joseph studied and developed an appreciation for music, theatre and dance. Although he wrote his very first poem in elementary school, Joseph really became interested in poetry at the age of eighteen and discovered that it was another enjoyable way in which he could express his creative thoughts and feelings. Joseph’s earlier poetry has been included in six different anthologies published in the United States.

Several years later, Joseph had compiled enough of his own poems to publish two books: a book of romantic poetry titled “Songs of Love” and a book of haiku called “Echoes from Within”. Both books were released by Publish America in 2004 and are available at the OneLight*® Online Bookstore. “Echoes” was his first collaboration with Alexandra, who created the illustrations for the book. Joseph and Alexandra soon discovered that they had a special connection with each other and the Arts. Then, Joseph decided it was time to begin a new life and moved to Portugal to be with Alexandra so that they could pursue their creative dreams together.

Only more recently it became possible for Joseph* to begin exploring in depth an old passion, which previous professional obligations had not allowed him to pursue as he longed to – photography.

And he started simply by capturing images of the wondrous creations of life that surrounded him. He found ordinary things that most people would merely pass by without noticing and made them extraordinary by looking at them in a unique way that was beyond the purely visible. Joseph*’s artistic goal in photography has been to help people to actually “experience” these precious moments in time. While viewing his photos, you can really imagine being a part of the picture yourself.

Joseph*'s highly successful photography collection “Liquid Universe” was exhibited in Portugal, in January 2005, and, between February and March 2006, one more collection, “Blazing Universe”, was shown in the city of Porto, at Galeria 153. Both collections were composed around the theme “Elements”, frequently used not only in Joseph* 's photography, but also in his poetry, through images which, in addition to Water and Fire, depict Earth and Air.

 These “Elements”, endless in their substance and essence, would actually end up coalescing in another creation, presented in December 2005 and officially released in January 2006 in Portugal: “Universes Beyond the Visible ~ Elements of Dream”, a book of photography by Joseph* with bilingual texts of poetry and poetic prose by this author and Alexandra*, published by Inapa – Medialivros, SA (discover more about this book at the OneLight*® Bookstore).

However, Joseph’s photography and literary creations are, like his curiosity and fascination for all life within and beyond the scope of visibility, a permanently evolving, boundless kaleidoscope of subjects and concepts.

An enthusiastic devotee of  short poetic forms, Joseph* recently developed an innovation, close to Haiku and Poetrix, which he named "Três Linhas" (literally, "three lines", in the Portuguese language) which has been extraordinarily well received. A "Três Linhas" is written, precisely, in three lines, which must all rime in syllables of 5, 6 & 7 respectively, and must include poetic imagery which celebrates some sort of connection between nature and spirit. Here is an example:

Both Joseph* 's poetry and his photography have been distinguished with significant international awards:

 Poetry Awards:

 INTERNATIONAL MARGARET REID TRADITIONAL VERSE CONTEST – Series of “8 Haiku” distinguished, among thousands of entries from all over the world, with one of the 30 prizes awarded by the judges of the 2006 edition of this contest. (awarded Haiku have been published in the competition's anthology, “Sailing in the Mist of Time”, soon to be available at the  OneLight*® Bookstore - and also featured on a special page in this website.

“8 Haiku by Joseph Randell Sherman”

 “WRITERS BUREAU” INTERNATIONAL POETRY CONTEST – Poem “Piano Concerto” distinguished with the 5th prize, awarded by the judges of the 2006 edition of this contest. Read the awarded poem at the small library below :



Photography Awards:


  • . Photo “Colonnade” – 3rd prize in category “Architecture”, sub-category “Historic”;

  • . Book “Universes Beyond the Visible ~ Elements of Dream” – Honourable Mention in category “Photography Books”, sub-category “Nature”;

  • . Photo “Shadow Art” – Honourable Mention in category “Art”, sub-category “Abstract”;

  • . Photo “Aura of Soul” – Honourable Mention in category “Nature”, sub-category “Other”.


Joseph R. Sherman is a member of the Photographic Society of America, and some of his photographic works are featured in his online studio:


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