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Name : Thu
Sex : Female....i guess
B-Day : 6-3-1985
Place : Dr88
Nationality : \/I3t
Wanna know more about me just contact me.
Mah msn :
Aol Sn : dr3am1n43va



mah sistahs and me.

tammie mah sis

this mah chi 6.


ma sweetie

Ermm whose this pretty boy


wow look at this guy. doesnt he look cool??

this would B me

This my anh2..he still girls take ya best shot.

To love is like
playing the piano,
first you must learn to
play by the rules.
Then you must forget
the rules and play from your heart

my lovely anh6 *wink*

------------ MORE PIX COMMIN UP SOON....-------