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Why sprint sucks
This article is about a man that had a bad run in with the people that work for sprint. He is just trying to get a phone for his wife for mother’s day and can’t even get the people to send him the phone. Which is paid for and he got on his bill on his American Express card. He calls the customer service and after doing a jump through hoops and voice mail with selections that can’t help he get a human voice. He called and has to play this game about five times and still he gets no help from these people. After calling and telling the company he wants to cancel the phone plane he gets a bill in the mail saying that he has to pay them $75.00 for phone purchases and activation fees. For a phone that was never even receive by the man.   At the end well almost the end the man got the bill on his AMEX card, that he was told had been canceled and he would receive credit for. He calls again and tells a man about the bill and want is removed. He was told by the last lady that he had talked to that is was taken care of and the man he was talking to now told him it was still there and that he would remove it for him. He gets his name and tells him thank you. Fed up with all the BS that the sprint company has put this man through, he goes to the local Best Buy and gets a PrimeCo phone that was $30.00 less and $15.00 cheaper a month.    
Sprint PCS The Clear Alternative to Customer Service  
This is an article about someone that has many problems with his sprint phone. They have documented all the attempts that they have made to get the situation fixed. His story is a lot like the other one but his is about the phone that would not work. He gets a set of phone for him and his wife. So they can talk while they are commuting. His phone starts to roam all the time even if he is in the sprint PCS area. He takes it to get looked at and it is ok, but it needs and new preferred roaming list. Than it gets a network busy all the time. He takes the phone in again to get looked at and this time it is broken and he get the warranty replacement. This will take a week and he has to go to the store to get it. He calls the store to see where his replacement phone is and get no answer. Finally when the phone comes in he asks why he didn’t get the promised cal saying he could come get it. And they say they don’t know. When the phone is activated there is a voice mail waiting. It is them saying that the replacement phone is ready for him to come and get. He was suppose to get credit on his bill for all the problems and after talking to a lady for awhile he final get her to give him the credit he was told he would get. To make thing better for him he asked about the rebate he was suppose to get. It turns out that he had to file a calm form that was not given to him and fax his receipt to the Sprint even though they know you got the phone and than he had to wait 14 weeks All this happen just because the man wonted to talk to his wife on the way to work, and to make thing even worse he most likely never really even got to talk on the phone
This man has many problems that he won’t everyone to know about so they don’t have to go through the something that he had to. He had to put out with being lied to and them not telling him the truth about what they had in made all that sprint was worried about was getting there money and not wither or not he was happy but that they got paid for the service they were not giving there customer. This man has been a customer for sprint since 1998 and was getting a really good deal on his phone. He got 650 minute for 29.99 a month. He didn’t get very good coverage area but didn’t mine much because he still was getting a good rate and cell phone where not that old yet. He was told in December of 2000 he could receive 1500 a month and they could also be used for long distance. It would only be 5.00 a month more; he could not pass that up. His phone started to mess up about a week latter and he sounded like he was under water, there also was a high pitch beep the other person would hear. Than he started to get disconnected all the time for no reason. He goes to the sprint store to get a new phone and think that will make thing better well he thought. Now he can’t talk for 30 seconds without getting disconnected and people have stopped calling him because the phone cut out so much. He gets a bill a few weeks latter with an activation fee for the new phone that he was never told he would get and now he won’t to end his phone service. When he had first got the phone he didn’t singe a contract or agreement saying anything about a cancellation fee. Now he has to pay a bill for something he was never told about. He says and the end of this article that he would rather burn $150.00 before giving it to them.
S Customer Service 101: Sprint PCS gets D- Spitzer Acts to Reform Wireless Phone Advertising
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has announced that the “nationwide network” that sprint advertises for has to be changed and that it is giving customers false information and deceptive convening representation regarding its “nationwide network” for wireless digital phones services. It is also claming free long distance service that is not true. It all started in 1998 Spritzer said “This has led to a heightened need for vigilant oversight and aggressive enforcement to ensure that consumers are provided with the most comprehensive and accurate information." This has left the false impression that its digital network had the same geographic availability as land-line or analog cellular phones. Sprint PCS started by saying that there was service available in places that was not, service was not even available in May larger cities. Sprint has agreed to alter advertising claims regarding its “nationwide network” to tell the limitation that the phone really has. It also had agreed to tell customer that the free long distance dose not include roaming charges and other fees that users may make and receive calls outside there network area Sprint has to pay $100,000 to cover the costs of the investigation. There have been an increasing number of complaints about wireless communications. People that are looking for a phone plane are edged to take a good look and all the fine print and to ask a lot of questions so you know what you are getting yourself into and know what the company is all about.
Customer Service 101: Sprint PCS gets D- By Robert D. Lamb
Sprint PCS gives free minutes and cash credit when customers complain about bad service. But what good is free minutes if the phone will not work and you can get not service. When people buy a product they expect it to work just like if it was there Internet, Cable, or Electric the phone is just as important to most people today and if people aren’t happy then that is not good for your business. Sometime the service of your phone may not work but with sprint it seems to be a recurring thing. This article is about the customer service and the difference between good and bad is made up of how fast the company can fix the problem. This man was not happy with the way he was talked to and the way they delight with the problems he was having. They keep telling him that there where more towers going up so the reception on his phone would get better. He got home and the reception was better but now the phone would not recharge, it didn’t recognize the battery. He was told to take it back to the store from the man that answer at the 1-800 numbers. They gave him a new batter and the something happen but not only that now the speaker stopped working.


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