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This website is devoted to teaching you tips and tricks about using Microsoft PowerPoint.

As this website develops you will learn how to do the following:

  • A Little Magic with PowerPoint and David Copperfield
  • Salary Survey - Do you make enough money?
  • A Halloween PowerPoint Template
  • Print your own Christmas Labels - 1 mg file - be patient!
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Using the Clip Organizer in PowerPoint
  • Create a multimedia greeting card
  • Create a organizational chart
  • Create certificates
  • Importing and modifying Pictures in PowerPoint
  • Presenting a sales report in PowerPoint

  • Working with objects and autoshapes To work with objects and autoshapes you will need to turn on the drawing tool bar. Select View, Toolbars, Drawing to display the toolbar below.

    Draw The icons on the tool bar give you access to the following functions:

    Group, Ungroup and Regroup are used to attach objects into a group in order to keep them together for moving or resizing. Select the objects by holding down the shift key and then select group.

    Order is used to change the postion of objects that overlap. You can bring objects to the front or send them back.

    Grid and Guides Use the grid to help align objects more precisely. Use one or more guides to arrange objects evenly, with or without the grid turned on.

    Nudge Use nudge to move object one point on the grid. Sometimes moving objects just a touch is very difficult with a mouse.

    Align or Distribute One of the best features when working with multiple objects. Align will take all selected objects and align them by top, bottom, left or right. Distribute will then create an even amount of space between them either horizontally or vertically.

    Flip or Rotate With flip you can create a mirror image of an object or just flip the object selected horizontally or vertically. Rotate allows you to rotate an object free hand or by degrees.

    The next four items on the menu will be covered in AutoShapes.

    Click here to view a presentation on AutoShapes and Objects

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    Relax - You'll learn it!