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North Arkansas Dance Theatre

More Photos

The Early Years

We'll dance anywhere

Line up

Getting Ready

Waiting for Ms. Cindy to stop talking!

5th Position



Away  we go


With Georgina Parkinson from ABT

To the Pointe at Xmas

And we all lean to the left

Over the top for the Shriners

Folding programs for Ballet Magnifcat!

Directors Cindy and Patrick in Community Theatre production of Robber Bridegroom, directed and choreographed by Patrick

To contact us:

North Arkansas Dance Theatre
P.O. Box 1121
Mtn. View AR 72560

Phone: 870-269-4555 (Mtn. View)
870-698-9098 (Batesville)
870-368-5415 (Izard County)
866-468-6238 (Toll Free)
Fax: 870-269-2904

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