The Mystery Faeries Guild
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The Mystery Faeries Guild

Our Services !

Lotteries will begin when money will be donated ! Actually, the shop is poor because of the shop's updates and everything.

How will it work ? Each of you have a free ticket per week. Then, if you wanna get more tickets, you have to donate 300np and more. For each 300np, you will get an other ticket. You have to neomail me your lottery numbers for each ticket. There must be 6 numbers between 1 and 50.

Of course, for each number you had on your ticket (if there were no winner) you will get a certain amount.

The Jackpot will always be shown here and there will be a list of the 5 last winners and what they won.

Good Luck !

New Jackpot:
2017 np

Last Jackpot: 1 278 np there were No Winner

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