The Mystery Faeries Guild
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Our Council !

Hello !! I'm Kayga ! (I think you noticed...) My real name is Valérie and i'm 17. I live near Montreal, in Canada. I live with my parents and my 2 (anoying) sisters. I have a bird (Picsou), a dog (Shadow) and a stupid fat cat (Baguerra).

I like to draw* and books are my passion. One of my favourites is StormQueen form Marion Zimmer Bradley. I'm very socialble, even if i'm really shy in real life with "strangers". I have lotz of very cool friends I like very much and I hope you'll become one of them !

I have only one neopet : Dyddoh. She's the coolest ! She's a Desert Aisha. (She looks like a princess, doesn't she ?) She's single and she likes to play. Her favourite game is Switch-A-Roo.

Well... I think that's it ! If you have any question, email me or neomail ! I hope I'll see ya soon !


[ yes, it's me on the pic ! but the guy is my sister's boyfriend so don't ask... ;) ]

* Here's a drawing of mine ! :)

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