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The Mystery Faeries Guild

Our Services !

Each monday, there will be new items at 100,000np in the shop. The starting bid is written beside the item in the list below. The auctions starts as soon as there is items in the shop and ends on Sunday by noon, neopian time. You can also ask to auction your items for yourself instead of going to the auction center. You only have to neomail mystical_guild_shop to tell the starting bid, the lenght you want the auction to be (at least 5 days) and then send me the item !

Until someone bid... :

- Evil Snowball (50np)
- Sour Blue Slush (75np)
- Blue Poogle Toy (50np)
- Yellow Usul Keyring (40np)
- M*YNCI CD (60 np)
- Neopian Encyclopedia K-O (55np)
- Yellow Aisha Keyring (50np)
- Beautiful Golden Ring (55np)
- 2 Jubjub T-shirt (15np)
- Box of Trifle Mix (20np)
- Asparagus Pie (25np)

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