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Our Council !

Hello. My name is Wumei, Chang Wumei. Nice to meet you all. -^_^- I'm a 21 year old working lady and has been playing for a few months already. I love all of my pets and I never really will abandon any of them, no matter what!

I love to draw, read and write fan fictions, and sing. Most of my free time spends on drawing, go on-line and read, but I must say, it's really rare for me to get any free time.

Anyway, I also have my own websites and if you have the interest on them, please pay a visit. I'll be very appreciated about it.

Dragundam World
- Contained Fan Arts and Fan Fictions of Gundam Wing (Non-Yaoi), Fan Arts for Weiss Kreuz, Pocket Monster, and Original Artworks.

Well, I think that's all about me and below, it is about my babies -^_^-


Name: Ren_Kida
Gender: Male
Day of Birth: 05/05/01
Color: Halloween
Wish: To be as great as Cerberus!

Hi! My name is Ren_Kida! Nice to meet you! I'm a very first pet that Wumei has adopted. I was originally a cute Yellow Shoyru but accidentally has changed into a Yellow Meerca. Due to the disappointment of the high price for a Yellow Shoyru Morphing Potion, my owner, Wumei, has no choice but finally decided to use all the NPs she has to change me into a good looking Blue Lupe. Lastly, I've turned into a Mighty Halloween Kougra! So, what do you think the way I looked now?



Name: Scorchio
Gender: Male
Day of Birth: 29/06/01
Color: Faerie
Wish: To own a cute Faerie Pet-Pet

Hello! I'm Scorchio, nice knowing you. I am the second pet, which Wumei has adopted me from the miserable Neopian Pound. Yeah! I'm so lucky! I don't know why my previous owner abandoned me in the first place... :( I wish that I know the reason.... But oh well! That doesn't really a matter to me anymore cause I'm extremely happy staying with my new owner! Anyway, I was a red Scorchio in the first place but as Wumei found out I looked much more adorable in Faerie form and here I am! A Faerie Scorchio!



Name: Iruka_Sensei
Gender: Male
Day of Birth: 08/07/01
Color: Striped
Wish: To own a nice comfortable Jelly bed

Yo! I'm a fishy fish, fish Iruka_Sensei! I'm the third pet in the family. Nice to know you people! You know what? Actually my name has a meaning. 'Iruka' is a Japanese word which means Dolphin! I am a 'dolphin' right? That's why I love this name very much! XD Pretty fishy with pretty name! *giggles shyly* Oh well, originally I was a blue flotsam before I morphed into a Striped Flotsam!



Name: Yume_Kida
Gender: Female
Day of Birth: 13/07/01
Color: White
Wish: To get the 1st place of overall in the Beauty Contest

Hi, hi! My name is Yume_Kida! How do you do? I am the youngest and the only female in the family. Wumei really has takes care of me and my brothers very well! That's why I looked so pretty and my brothers looked so handsome in the same time! *chuckle* I was a Red Usul at first but I love to be in white color more cause it's makes me looked so clean and beautiful. Don't you think so?

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