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Welcome To Scryer's Art Page

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Below are thumbnail shots of my art. Click on one and the image will open for you. A bit of warning, though. There is nudity here and if it offends you, then don't look. There's nothing pornographic, just nudes. So don't complain to me. You have been warned.

Oh yeah... My art isn't for use without my permission. It IS copyrighted and if I found out somoeone is using my work for their own greedy little deals... I'll bring all the powers of courts down upon that person. So, if you use my work for anything, you'd better ask me first. I am willing to do work for anyone who is willing to pay my prices. If you're interested in getting me to do work for you, contact me via email and put "ART REQUEST" in the subject line.

Finally, if you want to, you can let me know if you like my art via the poll at the bottom of the page or emailing me.

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