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Likes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> It has the elegance. It's simple. It got wedding planner and hints. Lots of useful resources and not one that just wants to sell. ~~~~~~~~>

It has a modern elegant look. Somewhat simle to navigate. A bit too much information on the bottom. Simple soft colors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Nice and clear navigaion. Organized. Got different themes. Sub-categories makes it a lot easier to use and go to. Not too much clicking and thats the best part.
Dislikes ~~~~~~~~>

The site is all about selling. You cannot get anything out of it. too much information and too clutter. My eyes don't know where to go. ~> Trying too hard to include and cram everything onto the site. It is not organize. Too many buttons/clicks to get to one page. No mood of weddings or romance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Product listing without pictures or thumbnails. I have to click through each one o look at it. It looks more like a uniform website. No romantic feel or wedding mood. navigation buttons are a bit too big. It takes up space and makes me scroll. The text and font is simple, nothing too different. Overall it has the wrong feel.