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You are viewing the webpage of Michelle Palmeri, a twenty fouryear old graphic design major with a bachelors degree in the fine arts. This is her short story.

In the beginning, Michelle didn't know she would form any kindof talent in the visual arts. At a young age she colored the grass blue and trees hot pink on her worksheets and forgot to draw the arms on all of her stick figures. She still firmly believes that she was held back in the first grade because she couldn't color in the lines. This remains to be proven but there is really not much else you do in first grade besides playing kickball. She enjoyed artclass in elementry school very much. There she made a bear out of clay but everyone thought it was a mouse or a racoon.

In middle school she noticed that teachers always complimented her artwork and she always recieved good grades in art class. She continued to enjoy making things and even was entered in a couple exhibitions through school but still didn't know anything would come of it.

Later, Michelle went to North Haven High School where they didn't really offer any kindof graphic design classes (or any good computer classes at that! wait... did they even have computers in high school?) so she stuck with drawing, painting and more traditional artforms. By senior year Michelle's family had just gotten their first computer (a piece of s#!t PC that they got from crooks who went out of business might I add), which they used mostly for the Internet. Graphic design was the furthest thing from her mind at this time because she didn't know anything about it. All she knew was design = computers and computers = scary.

During junior and senior year Michelle went to ECA, the Educational Center for the Arts, a magnet school where artists, musicians, writers, and dancers from high schools around New Haven could come together under one roof from 1-4 pm Monday through Thursday to do what they love. This was one the best things to happen in her life thus far and she probably wouldn't be who she is now without ECA. There they encouraged her to experiment and express herself, and didn't make her copy famous artists all the time. Michellie flourished! And students were allowed to draw naked people too! And teachers were always nice! Wow. Who thought this could be possible?

The teachers at ECA helped Michelle prepare her portfolio and slides and invited college representatives to come and talk about what their schools have to offer. She wanted to go to Maryland Institute College of Art. Why? Because of their great big dorms of course! Michelle quickly realized that it would be irresponsible to attend a college based on dorm size, but did find out the school was great anyways (the oldest independent art college in the country and one of the top 3! Oooo. Ahhhhh) and she still wanted to go there. Some discouraged her. Some doubted her, but she applied for early descision and waited. Finally the letter came in the mail and she tore it open and jumped up and down and screamed. She had been accepted!

So Michelle went off to college. She had her own place after the first year (which made the "big dorms" seem like closet space) and even aquired a fantastic street cat named Boojey. Michelle feels that artistically she had come a long way. Design did't seem so scary anymore, and neither did Baltimore. As always, there is still much to improve on and learn about, but shes on her way.

Please excuse me. I am not a writer.


Things created in design can't stand up on their own just by looking pretty, they have to mean something or have a reason.

Using multiple typefaces on one design can be disasterous.

Brainstorm as many possibilites as you can think of, then narrow them down to the best ones. Its better to have too many ideas than too few.

In art school people are brutally honest. When something you made sucks, they'll let you know... usually by saying... THAT SUCKS.

Dirty roomates WILL NOT CLEAN no matter how many times you ask/yell/plead/bribe or threaten them.

Cats WILL attempt to leap out third story windows to escape you.

Landlords can be huge JERKS.

Door hinges do not belong on the outside of doors where robbers can easily take them off (see landlords)

You get along with you parents better when you're that far away and you appreciate them more.

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Baltimore.

Public transportation is useful. It is even more useful to realize you've been living near the subway station for 4 years and didn't know it.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor is overrated but the Martin Luther King Jr. parade is killer!

There is no shortage of sketchy places to go drinking. Equally important, there is no shortage of sketchy people.

Ride the peddle boats at the Inner Harbor at least once, but don't let people splash dirty harbor water on you.

Baltimore is neither the city that reads nor the greatest city in America contrary to what is painted onto the park benches.

When someone from your hometown finally comes to visit you it's like winning a million dollars.

The violence and crime kindof grows on ya.

Even girls from the suburbs can become tough cookies in the city.

And last but not least... BLIEVE HON! Translation: BELIEVE.