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You're Work and Nothing More
Wonderful Places to visit


Ghost's Anime Kitties
--Mother of all anime-animal agencies and naturally a huge inspiration of mine

Kaze's Video Game Kitties
--One of Ghost's talented artists :3 Video game kitties, and Legend of Mana to boot!!

Java Neko
--Just an inch of Keri's talent... please???

--Sweet, original, and some darned cute kitties :3


A Voice in the Night
--My Yami-chan! So talented, and has more OCs and bishies than even me XD

--Cristal Ookami is a talented gal indeed

Shadow Valley
--I LOVE Trick's art! She's a sweetie and has some expressionate stuff! :3 I luff her art!!

Anime Sawtooth
--Muh dear staffie is also one of Yami's breeders :3 Wonderful art as always

Z-Wolf's Request Lair
--Another wonderfully talented artist


Shadow of Furry Eyes
--SUCH a sweetie! She's got some great ideas coming along


Dragon Dare
--More of Keri's great stuffu :3 Her dragons are adorable!


Lavender Sphynx Dreams
--Li Rei's got some nice art n_n and her own kind of furries

Kirbies and Loriens
--My pallie KG! n_n A staffie for Lie Rei as well as Kirby artist :3

EsSe's Digimon Adoption Agency
--What can I say? EsSe's one of the sweetest, most creative, and most talkented people I know! She's been a HUGE inspirtaion to me! *drools at her comics*

Blue Clouds
--OMG! Suzy Q is my fwiend, and her icons are the best of the best *_*

Fox Prints
--I've known Kitsune for a LONG time and she's always, always had some of the best cging skills ever!

Kry's Animer Chimeras
--Krys is another sweetie n_n Chimeras were a neat idea!

Creature Creations
--ANOTHER site of Keri's (this gal works way too hard!) and probably my fav *_* Rawr *drools at her art* This site has been a huge inspiration of mine since it opened.

Keep Yourself Alive
--Miracle's also a hard worker.. and her beasts are so real-looking *purr* Mir's art rocks XD I LOVE the Zaber idea!

Anime Adoption Agency
--PK's been a friend of mine for a while, and her art just keeps getting cuter!

Rachel's Anime Adoption Site
--Nice site *nods* it's starting off

Winged Wolf
--*snuggles Yoruhau* Such a sweetie!! She's my adopted hybrid-furre sister!

Rainin Bishonen
--Liliy's been one of my closest web-pals; the biggest sweetie with the cutest art; all hail the bishie queen XD


MeowthGal's Lair
--My main site, full of all of my junk; rants, OCs, adoptions I've made, etc etc

the Sphynx Adoption Agency
--My Sphynx Adoption Center