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Saturn-Sama's Fanfiction
Authoress Notes: (6-30-02) This is a gift-fic for one of my good friends, Meowthgal! She did somethings for me, and I wanted to repay her! *grins* I hope you like this girl! Lotsa insanity and anime! Well, actually, only two. Yu-Gi-Oh! and Fushigi Yugi. *shrugs* But you get the idea.
Yu-Gi-Oh!: King of Games and Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play are [c] to their owners/creators. So does Lilo & Stitch. All rights reserved.

Meowthgal: Wai! Konichiwa Saturn-sama!
Lady Saturn: Konichiwa! *grinning* Guess what?
Meowthgal: What?
Lady Saturn: I have a surprise for ya!
Meowthgal: *jumping up and down, clapping excitedly* Wai! What is it? What is it?
Lady Saturn: Actually, I have two surprises…*hands Meowthgal a light saber*
Meowthgal: *Grabs it and starts to play with it* Where did you get this? *turns it on and find it’s bright green*
Lady Saturn: *smirks* A friend of mine gave them to me! Thought you would want one!
Meowthgal: *glomps LS* Arigatou Saturn-sama!
Lady Saturn: I got one too! *holds up hers, which is bright purple* I wanna see Episode II so much! *waves it around* I suddenly have the urge to use this on someone.
Meowthgal: Same here.
*Both girls grin evilly*
Lady Saturn: *snaps her fingers*

[Suzaku & Seiryu Shichi Seishi and Yu-Gi-Oh! group appears]
Meowthgal: *squeals* Arigatou Saturn-sama! *hugs LS*
Lady Saturn: *hugs back*
Joey: *slightly dazed* Where da heck are we?
Yuugi: I have no idea Joey!
Lady Saturn: YUUGI! *glomps Yugi*
Yuugi: *sweatdrops* Anou...

Miaka: Nani? Where’s onichan?
Meowthgal: *spots Miaka, eyes narrow, anger rising* Miaka…
Lady Saturn: *sighs happily, hugging Yugi* I’m in my happy place!
Yuugi: *Sweatdrops* Do I know you?
Meowthgal: *Points saber at Miaka* SHI NE SUZAKU NO MIKO!
Miaka: *eyes wide* NANI?!
Meowthgal: *chases Miaka with light saber*
Miaka: *running for her life* TAMAHOME! HELP ME TAMAHOME!
Meowthgal: SHI NE!
Tamahome: I’m coming my love! *runs after them*
Lady Saturn: *finally notices what’s going on* *sweatdrops* Uh-oh…
Nuriko: Why is that girl trying to kill Miaka-chan with the light sword?
Lady Saturn: A: That’s a light saber. B: She hates Miaka. And if my calculations are correct, she’ll be turning around in a few seconds and try to kill Tamahome…
*From another room* SHI NE TAMAHOME!
Lady Saturn: I was right. *still hugging Yuugi*
Everyone: *sweatdropping*

Tasuki: Why da hell are we here?
Lady Saturn: Because you are! *giggles*
Tea: And who, may I ask, are you?
Lady Saturn: *finally let’s go of Yuugi* My name is Lady Saturn! And the girl who is trying to kill Tamahome and Miaka is Meowthgal!
Hotohori: But why does she wish to kill Tamahome and Miaka?
Lady Saturn: *shrugs* She’s just another one of those anti-Tamahome and Miaka fans. There are plenty of them.
Tristen: And who are they? *points to the FY gumi*
Lady Saturn: *eyes brighten* Oh yeah! * to Yuugi and company* *points to each person of the FY gumi as she says their names* The cross dresser Nuriko, the pyro is Tasuki, Emperor Hotohori, kawaii Chiriko, Mitsukake and his little cat Tama-neko, Amiboshi and his twin brother Suboshi, the wolf there is Ashitare, the freaky guy there is Tomo, blondie is Nakago, the woman is Soi and baldy is Miboshi.
Tomo: *frowning* I am not a freaky man! I am an actor!
Joey: *snickering* Ya, and I’m Queen of England! *is suddenly wearing a red cape, wearing a crown, white dress and holding a scepter*
Yu-Gi-Oh group: *stares* *fall over, laughing*
Joey: *glaring* Damare!
Lady Saturn: *smirking* Be careful! Anything you say here will be taken literally! That, and Tomo wasn’t lying. He’s an actor, just a really creepy, evil, gay one. That, and he has the stupid shell.
Tomo: Shell shin!
Lady Saturn: *rolls her eyes* Whatever. *yells* HEY! MEOWTHGAL-CHAN! GET BACK HERE AND LEAVE THEM ALONE!
Meowthgal: *returns, pouting* Shimatta, and I was just about to kill ‘em too!
Lady Saturn: *sweatdrops* Hey, look whose here!
*points to Chichiri*
Meowthgal: *goes chibi and runs at Chichiri* CHICHIRI!
Chichiri: *sweatdrops and backs away* Anou…no da…
Nakago: I demand an explanation to why we’re here!
Seto: Hai!

Meowthgal: *looks at Nakago, hearts in her eyes* So many Bishonen! So little time!
Lady Saturn: *giggling and hugging the twins* Hai!
Amiboshi: *sweatdropping*
Suboshi: *struggling under LS’s grip* I can’t get out aniki!
Amiboshi: Neither can I otouto.
Lady Saturn: *giggles*
Suboshi: Yui-sama! Help me!
Yui: *sweatdropping* Gomenasai…demo, I don’t think she’s going to be letting go any time soon.
Lady Saturn: Damn right!
Meowthgal: *tackles Nakago* Nakago-san! *snuggles against him, giggling*
Lady Saturn: *giggling*
Tomo & Soi: *frowning*
Meowthgal: *giggles again*

Lady Saturn: *turns to FY gumi* * inroducing the Yu-Gi-Oh group* The short kid with spiky hair is Yuugi, the taller version of him next to him is Yami Yuugi, but you can just call him Yuugi. The one dressed as the queen is Joey, needle-head is Tristen, the brunette is tea and the blonde is Mai. The taller guy is Seto and his little brother, Mokuba. And there’s-IIE!
Meowthgal: Nani?
Lady saturn: It’s Peggy!
Pegasus: Excuse me?
Meowthgal: *holds up saber*
Lady Saturn: *holds up saber* Permission to kill Pegasus.
Yami & Kiaba: Go right ahead!
*both girls chase Pegasus out of the room, and return seconds later*
Joey: *desperately tries to get out the dress, but ends up tripping and falling flat on his face*
Everyone: *laughing*

Miboshi: Nakago-sama, shall I conjure a demon to kill these two and leave?
Both girls: *death glare to Miboshi* *take out light sabers*
Tasuki: Smart move baldy.
Miboshi: *sweatdropping*
Meowthgal: *to LS* Hey, can we tie him up and hit him with the sabers? Like a pinata?
Lady Saturn: *thinks* Well, the sabers would actually cut him to bits…
Miboshi: *looking at the two fearfully*
Meowthgal: I would run baldy.
Lady Saturn: Actually, he floats.
Meowthgal: Run, floats, flies, posses other bodies, I don’t care.
Miboshi: *stares to float away*
Both: GET BACK HERE! *chases after Miboshi, waving sabers*
Chiriko: *blushing*
Lady Saturn: SHI NE MIBOSHI!

Seto: I think that’s their favorite word now.
Kay: *appear suddenly* Seto-chan! *glomps Seto*
Lady Saturn: *comes back from chasing Miboshi* *grabs Kay* Let’s go...this isn’t your fic.
Kay: *whining as she is dragged off*

Ashitare: *howls loudly*
FY gumi: DAMARE!!!
Ashitare: *howls again*
Suboshi: *Ryuusesui spinning* Can I aniki? Onegai?
Amiboshi: *shakes his head* Iie. You can’t kill him.
Meowthgal: *appears again* I can! Come here lil doggy!
Ashitare: *yelps*
Lady Saturn: We strike fear in their hearts, ne? *laughs*
Meowthgal: *nods, grinning*

Lady Saturn: *to Yuugi and Yami* I have been wondering about this for the longest time. How the hell do you get your hair like that? Do you use Pantien Pro-V Extra Strength Anti-Gravity Hair Gel or something?
Yami: Well, actually, We use----
Ashitare: *howls again*
Yami: --and it’s a good for damaged hair as well.
Everyone: *sweatdrops*
Tasuki: Dammit, can I go home now?
Both: Iie!
Mai: This fic is completely pointless.
Meowthgal: It is kinda crowded in here. *snaps her fingers and Mokuba, Tristen, Tea, Miboshi, Ashitare and Tomo dissapear*
Lady Saturn: Actually, I wasn’t done annyoing Tomo yet. *snaps her fingers and Tomo returns*
Tomo: *swirl-eyed* The room is spinning...

Yami: *eyes the two girls* And how long will this fic be?
Meowthgal: *shrugs* As long as we like it to be!
Tamahome: *groans* We’re gonna be here for awhile.
Lady Saturn: *holds back Meowthgal* I know you want to kill Tamahome, but there are Tamahome fans.
Meowthgal: *grumbles but stops*

Chichiri: Are the both of you crazy no da?
Meowthgal: No, we’re just anime fanatics, thats all.
Seto: That’s the same thing.
Lady Saturn: They’re close, but not the same. I’m bored. Let’s play a game!
Meowthgal: Got any ideas?
Lady Saturn: *evil grin* How about Pin the Tail on the Nakago? *holds up really big and sharp pins with paper donkey tails attached to them*
Suzaku Shichi Seishi: WAI!!!
Tomo, Soi, Meowthgal: IIE!
Lady Saturn: *sweatdrops* Okay...

Seto: *to Yami* I challenge you to a duel!
Yami: *smirking, arms crossed* I accept!
Lady Saturn: *hits both of them with a very big hammer* Bakas! No dueling!
Seto: *seeing chibi BEWDs flying around his head, swirly-eyed* Look at all the pretty Blue Eyes White Dragons flying...
Yami: *seeing little Curse of Dragons flying around, swirly-eyed* Look at all the Curse of Dragons flying..

Meowthgal: We still need to play a game though!
Tasuki: I know! Poker!
Both girls: Wai!
Lady Saturn: I love card games! *starts naming them* Rummy, Goldfish, Poker, Gin-rummy, Solitare, Spit, Duel Monsters-
Bakura: You play duel monsters?
Meowthgal: We both do!
Lady Saturn: Yeah! I got a bunch of cards! I want to buy the Yuugi Starter Deck! *hugs Yuugi*
Yuugi: *sweatdrops*

Tasuki: ‘ow about ‘Strip Poker’? *sly grin*
Lady Saturn: *covers Meowthgal’s mouth* On two conditions.
Tasuki: Name ‘em.
Lady Saturn: A: Yuugi, Chiriko, Yui, Miaka, Soi, Meowthgal and I are to be exempted from the stripping part.
Meowthgal: *stops struggling to speak and nods*
Tasuki: Why?
Meowthgal: *smacks him with his tessen* Pervert! We’re the ones in charge and we don’t want Yuugi or Chiriko to scar their minds! And I know that Miaka and Yui do not want to strip! And’s up to her.
Lady Saturn: And two: *suddenly draws a blank* I just lost my train of thought...completely. *shrugs* Oh well, I’ll remember it later.

*breaks out a deck of cards and deals them out*
Lady Saturn: Oh yeah! I’m not anti-yaoi, but this game is gonna be non-yaoi, got it? *eyes Tomo*
Tomo: *frowns and glares*
Soi: *smiles and gives LS thumbs up*
Lady Saturn: *grins*
Tomo: Why????
Lady Saturn: I just find it disturbing that you like Nakkie nakkie here. besides, I don’t like either of you. Now, I don’t mind a Yami and Seto coupling, I’m fine with that.
Yami & Seto: NANI!?
Lady Saturn: *sweatdrops* Whoops...running away now...
Chichiri: *creates force feild around LS*
Lady Saturn: Arigatou Kitsune-san!
Chichiri: *sweatdrops*
Tasuki: Haha! Dat’s a new one!
Meowthgal: *giggles* He does look like a fox with that mask!
Nuriko: Ley’s start the game already!

*cards passed out, Yuugi, Chiriko, Mitsukake, Miaka, Yui and Bakura not playing*
Lady Saturn: *grinning* Read ‘em and weep! *shows her hand* Straight, in clubs!
Yami: *three of a kind, tens*
Seto: *pair of jacks*
Nuriko:*full house, three queens, two fives*
Tamahome: *nothing* *whining*
Meowthgal: *straight*
Tasuki: *four of a kind, twos*
Joey: *nothing*
Soi: *three fours*
Hotohori: *royal flush*
Suboshi: *two pairs*
Amiboshi: *straight*
Minna: NANI!? *staring at Hotohori’s hand*
Lady Saturn: *grumbling* Figures...he is the emperor...

Meowthgal: Well, since we’ve got a three-way tie on ‘nothings’...
Tamahome, Tomo and Joey: Iie!
Meowthgal: Got on, it’s da rules.
Tomo, Tamahome, and Joey: *grumbling*

*several rounds later...*

Lady Saturn and Meowthgal: *on the floor, laughing very very hard*
Other Poker Players: *several censor signs to be seen*
Tasuki: *swearing terribly*
Meowthgal: Pictures! *takes several pictures of the guys*
Lady Saturn: *glomps Amiboshi* *hentai grin*
Amiboshi: *chibi-crying face* I feel so violated...
Meowthgal: *hugs Chichiri* I’m very happy now!
Tomo: *throws down his cards* That’s it! I quit! Where are my clothes...?
Soi: *glomping Nakago*
Tomo: *very angry with that*

Lady Saturn: Let’s play another game!
Yami: *buckling his shirt* As long as there’s no stripping involved, fine.
Seto: *nodding and buttoning his shirt*
Yuugi: *sweatdrops*
Meowthgal: Let’s play Twister!
Bakura: You know, I haven’t said anything this entire fic?
Lady Saturn: *glomps him* Now you did! You’re so kawaii!
Bakura: *blushes*

Meowthgal: So, let’s play Twister! *brings out the game*
Lady Saturn: *grabs her arm* Hang on a sec. *whispers something in her ear*
Meowthgal: *very very evil grin*
Lady Saturn: *equally evil grin*
Joey: Uh-oh…I don’t like the looks on their faces…
Tasuki: I’m outta here! *runs*

Lady Saturn: *looks at the length of the fic* This is getting long…*remembers something* Crap! I gotta work on my other fics! I guess I’m gonna have to end this now…
Meowthgal: *pouts*
Lady Saturn: One last thing though…*grabs Tomo shell shin*
Tomo: HEY! Give that back!
Lady Saturn: *destroys it with her lightsaber* There! No more hurting the Suzaku Shichi Seishi!
Tomo: Why you little…!

~* Owari*~
*Lady Saturn runs by, being chased by Tomo*
Nuriko: Well, this fic ended on a very subtle note.
Bakura: No kidding.

To be continued…
Joey: You mean there’s goin’ ta be even more torture?!
Tasuki: &%^*$!
Stitch: Hiiiii!
Yami: Why the hell is there a Disney creature in this thing!?
Lady Saturn: *giggles* Cause he’s cool!
Stitch: Yeah! Adijiba!
: *shakes her head* Oi vey…