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Birthday Gift Art
These are all of my b-day gifts given to me on/around March 4, 2003. Thank you so much everyone who sent one, that was so thoughtful and so incredibly sweet ^_^= I love them ALL!

This awesome thing is from Volty ^-^ I want a mech-sphynx like that X3 *galres at Van*

Thank you ESsE! You're art has always been a great inspirtation to me ^-^ Lookit, Dungamon is so cute!!!

Robin Gurl is such a sweetie! *hands her Misto plush* It's Eri-puu gone cats

I didn't expect Keri to go out of her way! And she did, and make me THE kawaiiest dragon ever! :: squeezes him :: MYNE!!!

Aww, me and Phantom Bill, from Cam ^-^= heehee, Meowth balloon, plus plushies of my 2 fav. LOTR characters: Pippin and the Ring Wraiths!

Miracle has always been a master at realistic-stuff, and this is no exception... beautiful, simply beautiful! :: snuggles Fubar ::

No matter what, Yin is always so thoughtful. I hadn't talked to her in ages and she still send me the most beautiful gift, thanks! ^^= she makes me look cute!

Caiti is by far one of my best friends, and one of the best, youngest, writers I know. Not only that but her drawing talent by mouse ROCKS!

My best random rp-pal PK sent me a gift too X3 poor gal is always so confused!

must... steal.. Karen's talent.. gah... and that handsom little sphynx she's got tied up for meh XD

Aww ^^ this expression looks like something of mine, lol!!

I absolutely love this. The face is so friggin cute, and I like the green fur tips.. now I want green tips on my hair AND some fur with green tips too.. unfortunately I can't have eitehr :/

Liz is soooooo sweet ^^= and always a blast to talk to. Naturally, she has some rockin' art too!