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MeowthGal's Kitty Gallery

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:: Requestor: ZiO: ZiO x MG (friend pair)
:: Requestor: Renee: General Wolfe


Greetings visitor, I am Henry Jekyll but you may address me as Dr. Jekyll. I am here to assist you during your visit and answer your questions.

In order to begin, select one of melodies above. Alive is simply the proof of existance; Choose Transformation to view those already changed; Seek Confrontation to bring about the beast; Select Reflect to see the endless possibilities

I do hope that my riddle may be of some use. Now if you would excuse me, I'm terribly busy. Best of luck finding what you came for... Oh, and I nearly forgot: tread carefully.. monsters lurk where you least expect them.

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All artwork unless otherwise stated is MeowthGal (Stephanie K.) and is not to be used for any purpose with out permission
All characters are their respective creators and are not owned by MeowthGal (Stephanie K.), unless otherwise stated.
Credit for inspiration goes to Ghost of the Dawn, for inspiring the anime kitties. Also thanks to Keri for a huge inspiration on the setup of this site!

MINE! Do NOT steal or I *will* happily maul you. My dear friend Lilly sent this beautiful, gorgeous, ADORABLE pair of Jekyll and Hyde kitties!!!!! <3 her :3