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:: So I can't adopt anything?
-- Nope, sorry... That's why this is a gallery :/ You can however post your request anywhere you'd like (website, neopets shop, etc) as long as you don't do anything but post it. And if you do please link back. If you want to adopt something, head to Ghost's Anime Kitties for adoptable kitties, or the SAC for adoptions by me ^^;

:: I really wanted to use one of the kitties you made (none request/AT)..
-- *shrugs* ^^; I guess if you contact me and told me what you wanted to use it for I won't mind. You can't touch other peoples' requests and/ore ATs though.

:: I can't request officials?
-- Only if they are in a group with an original. Officials get tiresome, especially repeats, so I don't take them often..

:: Your rules are pretty strict..
-- I'm sorry ^^; I've got my hands full art-wise, and in order to open another site up for requests I have to be a bit more strict (since I'm a lot more lenient with the SAC).

:: I want to do a Kitty Trade! What kinds of things will you draw in a trade?
-- I'm a lot more lenient when it comes to trades, because I'm getting something out of it X3;; All I ask for usually is equality (meaning if I do 3 you do 3, unless I'm doing a CG and you're doing a hand colored or vice versa).
I'll do groups (even passed 2; not sure how many more, just ask), yaoi/yuri (etc), blood/gore under pg-13 and in good reason, official x official groups, full backgrounds, and perhaps some other things :3

:: I'm LOOST!
-- Well if you made it here and are having trouble here's some hints at the main topics: Alive= Updates; Confrontation= Request rules; Transformation= Kitty Gallery; Reflections= Misc. menu
As for the sub-menus.. yer on your own X3 (it's more fun this way!)