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About Facade

:: Why..
-- This site was started over two years ago as another host for a horde of kitties, as inspired by Ghost of the Dawn. It was an adoption center, then downgraded to a gallery until it was shut down as I began to pay more attention to the ever-growing S.A.C.
In a sudden urge to draw smaller, simpler creatures, the idea came along to redo and re-open the site as a side hobby and to build a portfolio incase Ghost herself goes out hunting for a staff member again. :3 Not only that, but I'm a feline-furre at heart and thoroughly enjoy drawing anthros! In short, this is here for the fun of doing requests and to improve!

:: Layout..
-- I love musicals, and horror things.. particularly a combination of the two. Having a Phantom of the Opera layout on another site, it seemed only fitting to pay respects to a musical/story that I love almost as much as POTO. So, I chose Jekyll and Hyde and the song Facade, one of my favorite songs on the musical for truth behind it's lyrics.

:: How..
-- Everyonce in a while I get some free time. The site is simple enough, and kitties are so much easier to draw for some reason n_n And thanks to my paper, pencils, pens, scanner, and Adobe Photoshop 5.0 I have the materials needed!