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name: tess
age: 23
nat: pinay
loc: north cal
love: family,
friends,& jerry
web design,
filipino folk
graphic arts,
arts & craft

i just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my page. feel free to roam around and don't forget to sign my guestbook. this design has a special dedication as you can see below. It is also for all our love ones that have past. They remind us that life is too short for regrets and hatred. dont forget to love everyday.

dedicated in loving memory of tupac & aaliyah
i am sad to say the two most favorite musical artist/actors of mines are now gone,but happy they are in a good place now. my prayers to their family. (picture of aaliyah from aaliyah2001.com)
a better place by maritess balmonte
first feeling i felt was a strange chill::hearing the news & the rumor mill::the words running past us::let us know the sorrow and injust::a tear ran down my eye::so young,so talented to say goodbye::reality is harsh and yet so true::that even the public eye someday do::die letting their body lay torest::their lives like ours were put to the test::their souls have been sent to God to face::then they are sent to love us from that better place
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pic of me

then :: and :: now

my family

my sisters and i :: the two youngest sisters

cousin cindy and boyfriend :: family friends marelle, me , & Freida

mario :: jaesin :: jordan

anna & lisa :: zoe anne & romeli :: mundo,ren, & ricky

best of friends

back:mary,beth,alyssa,gee,me;front:ags,fanny,frida,lily :: ::same as first group

the hofilena's :: jun, jennie rose, & rayjae

party pics

saving the best for last

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more pic to come
jerry :: tess 823
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::08-28-01:: I finally did it! Thank you for your patience. I know the other design was UGLEE! Anyways here it is? What do you think? I been out of AA for while why don't people write me to tell me wassup in their life? I might move soon. I decided to obtain another degree in a different field. I feel like I like this Graphics Art/Web design stuff. My job is so unappealing to me. Doing this interest me more. I am going to add more pictures so technically it's still: UNDER CONSTRUCTION! I will try to update this journal at least once a week. And update the pictures soon. Just need a scanner...the one I have as you can tell is booty. Take care everyone! Til next time!
::06-05-01:: Hello again! Gosh be forever since I updated huh? Well, it`s been a busy month for me. My money flew by really quickly too!!Last weekend I was a sponsor for a confirmation. Congrats to my sister Sheila for confirming her faith in God. The other day I was made a Godmother for my cousin Nathan. He`s adorable and my 3rdGodson. It seems I am always the Godmother,the bridesmaid, or maid of honor. Oh well. I am not really complaining. I wondered how it feels to be on the other end sometimes. Like the mother of the child to be baptize or the one getting married. Iknow that won`t be for awhile from now.So for now I will party. =)

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listening to :: "at your best" - aaliyah
song is dedicated to our love ones we have lost.
this is also sended out to that special someone
in my life: jerry. it's been 3 short years now,
and i am looking forward to the future ahead of
us. thank you for being there for me. i only hope
that i was there for you as much as you were for
me. i love you with all my heart. you make me see
the sunshine in this world. you are all i ever
would want and need. happy anniversary and i love you.


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