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name: tess
age: 23
nat: pinay
loc: north cal
love: family,friends,& jerry
hobbies:web design, hula, filipino folk
dancing,graphic arts,arts & craft
school: menlo college of antherton, ca
major: currently obtaing my b.a. in business admin concentrating in m.i.s
quote of the month: "live for today. not what was or what will be..."the best man

all about sweetie823 @

here is presented to you an all-new layout. about the logo in the middle: it`s a design i made when thinking about what tattoo i wanted. i wanted a tattoo that symbolizes me. the sun is taken from the philippine flag representing my heritage. the hibiscus represent that i am a pacific islander & i had family that lived in guam. i went there earlier this year after my grandparents been there over 10 years. the reason for my visit: my grandmother passed away. i wanted it tribal looking so i made the other design to my own creation to my liking. the red and black color are new to me. i never used to like red, but being a new person i wanted to represent my new self. red is perfect, it expresses the anger i been feeling with everything that went wrong in my life. at 24 i have just experienced REALITY. i`ve lost my grandmother and two good friends of my mine to death last year. thus feeling hurt.
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