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life is not just black and white, there's a little gray in areas. beginning of this year was such a gray area in my life. chaotic, crazy, and overall drama. but..."where there is chaos there's order." remember that and you won't stress at much.
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name: tess
age: 25 - yikes!
nat: pinay
loc: north cal
last updated page:08::14::03
love: family n friends n ME of course!
hobbies:web design, hula, filipino folk dancing,graphic arts,arts & craft
school: menlo college of antherton, ca and soon to be Brooks colle
major: currently obtaining a b.s. in busi admin
THANX TO: everyone that supported me in everything i do. esp this year. this year is rediscover me year and for those who's been by my side thanks. i put you all through hell and i know it. i am forever in all your debts. i love you all don't forget that. muahhh... maraming salamat and much aloha.... can't wait to hit the beach in hawaii... whoo hoo...
aim/yahoo sn:sweet7355
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a journal on my life

::08-14-03:: never expect anything and everything you ever wanted will come to you in the best way possible for you.

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