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name: tess
age: 25 - yikes!
nat: pinay
loc: north cal
last updated page:10::17::02
love: family,friends,& jerry
hobbies:web design, hula, filipino folk
dancing,graphic arts,arts & craft
school: menlo college of antherton, ca
major: currently obtaining a b.a. in busi admin concentrating in m.i.s
THANX TO: s-p-o-c-k for the song & SF25621SF my listening buddie...good luck with your new found love...
song: happy: by ashantilink to the lyrics is in my online journal. just scroll down
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here is presented to you an all-new layout. about the logo in the middle: it`s a design i made when thinking about what tattoo i wanted. i wanted a tattoo that symbolizes me. the sun is taken from the philippine flag representing my heritage. the hibiscus represent that i am a pacific islander & i had family that lived in guam. i went there earlier this year after my grandparents been there over 10 years. the reason for my visit: my grandmother passed away. i wanted it tribal looking so i made the other design to my owncreation to my liking. the script on the bottom is my lastname in alibata : old filipino scripture in illocano. the red and black color are new to me. i never used to like red,but being a new person i wanted to represent my new self. red is perfect, it expresses the anger i been feeling with everything that went wrong in my life. at 24 i have just experienced REALITY. i`ve lost my grandmother and two good friends of my mine to death last year. thus feeling hurt.

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pic of me

my sis and I



best of friends


jerry :: tess 823
::My So Called Pilipino-American Life::::my online journal & lyrics to song//so you can see the virtual me::

::11-17-02:: hey i am back to update. sorry that i haven`t been on in a while. my company cut access to most pages. so i will probably only check emails now once a week or so. my computer at home sucks, is constantly preoccupied. which ironic because i paid for the bleeping thang. i have a question. why isn`t relationships the way you want it to be? these freaking movies tell you what love should be but it`s never in reality what it is? it`s full of problems, mistakes, misunderstanding. in reality you obessed over the ones that are bad for you and brush off the ones that is good for you. when can you ever find the median? i know it`s patience, so why bother chasing or attempting to savage a relationhship when you are still young. go out and date, be free. he or she will come eventually

"happy" lyrics at at this site
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