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Christie's Invite

Right click each link, select "Save Link As", and this will download into whatever folder you browse to.

INSTRUCTIONS:Print 2 copy of regular file on regular paper. 1 copy is for color check and to cut up for size check.

Once color and size test is good then print the following on metallic paper:

Main Invite 55 papers
Entourage 1 55 papers
Entourage 2 55 papers
Map 55 papers
RSVP 1 26 papers (flip and print RSVP 2)
RSVP 2 (opposite side of RSVP1)
Monogram 6 papers

Main Invite

Main Invites


Entourage 1 w/crop marks
Entourage 1 w/NO crop marks
Entourage 2 w/crop marks
Entourage 2 w/NO crop marks


Map w/crop marks
Map w/NO crop marks


RSVP side 1 w/crop marks
RSVP side 1 w/NO crop marks
RSVP side2 w/crop marks
RSVP side2 w/NO crop marks


Monogramw/crop marks
Monogram w/NO crop marks