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Lady Luçon Original Signed Folk Art Paintings

Folk art has been described as the art of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Folk art has a long and rich tradition throughout the world. Work in the folk tradition is generally referred to as naïve or naif art or sometimes as primitif, and peasant painting in England-- and has flourished in North America since the earliest days of the colonies.

Contemporary folk artists share with folk artists of earlier centuries a strong narrative impulse, the use of figurative and representational forms that are highly abstract, an intuitive compositional strength, and a tendency towards the decoration and embellishment of a surface that goes well beyond necessity.

Lady Luçon Folk Art is a mix of shapes and colors. She is fascinated with forms, light and has an amazing, unique way of expressing her innermost fears and joys, mostly on black backgrounds. Her Acrylics on wood and ceramic tiles are highly in demand and are constantly going up in price. All her Folk Art works are signed in front, identified and dated at the back.

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