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Chapter 13

Of the Withdrawal


What the dear reader heard only up until now, on knowing how to engage your opponent with the strikes, moving also through the middle where you will want to come further in the handwork without damage, is meanwhile however not enough without the third, which will be making a good withdrawal. Thus I will give you proper and clear direction in Withdrawing in the following chapter.

If, as has been said, one has started, and in nearly half the efforts is rebuffed in every action, thus indeed making all the same all a bad end, thus come back to the before and do it well, not to execute and downfall, and observe how daily, that now with this you shall not be opposed in fencing, that afterwards you will go on grasping this and have safety after hitting, with honorís first test at last, which one would then overcome, thus I with this will show and clarify how the withdrawal shall be done.

This then will be heeded in particular, that after every attack always know the three wisdoms of withdrawing, either at first before your opponent, or at the last after him, or even at the same time with him. If you would withdraw before him then exert yourself, that you drive out before you with the most wary moves, that he must shoot to drive high, just as he would then see what you would employ in front, strike through at the same time as the withdrawing stroke, and drive on away as you will then first be wary.

If you would withdraw after him, mark that this will be seen as two different concepts, firstly when you wait for your Opponent's withdrawal, thus when he strikes away, that you cunningly follow after his withdrawal above his blade. The second is when you stall with faking, as if you would withdraw before him, however handle your strike artfully indeed and guardingly behind, thereby when he rushes against you, you strike a false strike to him and decline, so that you cover your weapon against him and can strike to an opening. However, when you want to withdraw at the same time as him, then place yourself that you can cover his blade by stepping out and away from the strike, and when he strikes away on his right, you will be on his left, where however he strikes from his left, you step out at his right, and at the same time as him, strike in.

While you will bring all this with you, in this section you will be instructed on his point, such that enough can and will be retained.

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