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Triangle steps:

The third type is the broken or stolen steps, these are accomplished thus, stand yourself as if you would step forward with your right foot, but as and when you go low, then step back with it behind the other foot. Since these are the same as described in Rapier, I will thus leave it for now.


Broken steps:

That is that every strike must have its own step which shall occur at the same time as the strike, if you would do otherwise with the elements which you resort to, then step too early or too late, thus it happens around your play, and you thus bring yourself around your strike, thus learn to make the steps right so that your opponent cannot work as he really wants, bringing on a stop, particularly so that you upset his grounding or place as it were. In attacking now let yourself mark this, and position yourself as if you would make large and far steps, but actually stay closer with your feet correct, and attack him. So much is then built on from here. Since all of this must be learned and used in fencing, this must be known.


Your stance should be in balance. 1 Ĺ times shoulder width apart. Front foot should point at your opponent and the rear foot should be pointing away at about a 30 degree angle.

Weight evenly distributed between the feet. Donít step long when you should step short, and donít step short when you should step long.  Never step so far or so close that it prevents your immediate withdrawal.

Fence relaxed, remember tensed muscle prevent quick movement. Because they must be relaxed, then moved.


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