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Bent Strike

This strike is described thus: stand in the Wrath Guard with your left foot forward, when your opponent strikes, step with your right foot fully away from his strike and against his left side, strike with the long edge and crossed hands against his strike, or between his pommel and blade, diagonally over his hands, and fully overshoot his arms to lay on the blade, as shown in illustration D by the figures on the upper right hand side.
This is on the Crooked strike [Krumphawe]. Go crooked [Krump] with skill and throw the point at the hands, strike crooked [Krump] at he who sets well, with steps you will hurt many strokes. Strike crooked [Krum] to the flat of the master when you wish to weaken him. When it flashes above step away that I will applaud. Do not crooked [Krum] short strikes, changing through [Durchwechsel] and then do a crooked strike [Krum], whoever wishes to deceive you the noble war will confuse him, so that he does not know if he is out of danger.
Glossa. Here note that the crooked strike [Krumphaw] is an upper strike [Oberhaw] that goes out well to the side with a step, and then goes in a crooked manner to one [the other] side. Therefore Liechtenauer means that if you wish to do this strike well, you shall step well out to the right side as you strike. And you shall throw or shoot your point in over the cross guard at the (opponent’s) hands. And you shall strike with your flat, and when you hit the flat (of the opponent’s sword?) you shall remain on it with strength and push firmly and see were you can easiest and straightest hit him with strikes or thrusts or cuts and you shall not strike too short and not forget the changing through [Durchwechsel ], were it is suitable to do it.

Note: The Krumphau is also examined on page 35 of Goliath.


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