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lauren curtis

SPIRIT~ART Original Greeting Cards


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Lauren Curtis
P.O. Box 193
Franklin Park, NJ 08823

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“Lauren contributed one of her illustrations, “It’s Your Day”, as the cover of our “Adventure” issue. The piece was well received by our readers and advertisers, securing her a gallery showing. She was a joy to work with, and we learned that not just the piece but also her spirit exemplifies the theme. We wish her all the best.”

“Take-Care Connections Magazine”
Sheila Cohill & Ken Schneider

“Lauren is simply terrific to work with. No matter what the project, she finds a way to create something that’s both interesting and unique. I know I can count on Lauren to deliver exactly what she promises - on time!”

Kathy Gulrich, Art Coach

“Lauren Curtis; The Top Tree Artist!
The Highland Park Centennial Commission and the Joyce Kilmer Centennial Commission this June (2004) selected Lauren Curtis to create two large pictures of the original, famous 1904 Kilmer Oak Tree. The two pieces were specifically developed, and added spectrum-sensitive colors to the June 15 (2004) presentation at The George Street Playhouse (New Brunswick, NJ). The audience applauded Ms. Curtis’ artwork as best representing the Joyce Kilmer Magna Carta Day.”

Harvey J. Brudner, Ph.D.
President, Joyce Kilmer
Centennial Commission

“I first met Lauren through my business, Gaia Gal Productions, when she emailed me for a catalog of my creations, back in November 2002. We began talking about working together a few months later and have done so ever since. Her artwork is lively, colorful and unique. It’s been a pleasure presenting her art in various formats - stickers, stationary and envelopes.”

Laura Quintrell
Gaia Gal Productions

“As well as being a collector of Ms. Curtis’ original artwork, I also have hired Lauren at my video production business, Ultra Media. She has created logos and many different brochures for my company. Lauren is very professional, creative, and provides a fast turn-around. Working with Ms. Curtis on a professional level has been a pleasure.”

Denise Darvon, Owner
Ultra Media Video Labs
North Brunswick, NJ

“Coming from Holland and having studied architecture and art history, I am very interested what goes on in the world of art on every level. In this case, Internet was the medium to discover the art of Lauren Curtis and get inot contact with her at the meantime. Slightly I became aware of the rich variety of her work and the fact that everything she creates derives from a personal and unique style. Her attitude to the key issues of life and to the world find expression in her work. I’m not really an art collector, but Lauren gave the opportunity to become one by selling great works for very reasonable prices. I consider her work of too much interest to leave the chance to become one of her first overseas collectors.

Her work touches me deeply. I consider her work as very human, in view of the content and of the personal touch, left as fingerprints on every piece. Her work cuts through the surface of trivial life, it touches emotions and thoughts that are under the skin. Her best works are mysterious, like good modern works of art should question life and contain certain answers that can be found through the interaction of the artwork and the observer. Finally, I think Lauren has the skill and spirit to develop as a full-time artist. She has my support.”

Marcel Teunissen
The Hague - The Netherlands

“Lauren was a pleasure to work with, very professional in her approach to business arrangements. She completed a series of watercolors of our historic buildings that will soon form the basis of a new publication.”

A. Aschkenes
Middlesex County Cultural &
Heritage Commission

"Lauren has been fun and a pleasure to work with. She is fast; and does excellent work."

Judith Wray
President, Visual Arts League

"As an art stamp company, I seek out unique, bold and beautiful designs to offer OnyxXpressions customers. Lauren has provided numerous images fitting this criteria. Her work is fabulous, her ability to meet quick turn-around deadlines is just wonderful, and she provides her art copy to suit my production needs. Lauren is great to work with."

Cheryl McVeigh
OnyxXpressions Rubber Stamps

"The first thing Caladan Gallery considers when taking on an artist to represent is the quality of artwork, and vision that the individual artist relates to us. We found the work of Lauren Curtis to be aesthetically beautiful, as well as possessing depth and joy; which is very refreshing, and gives the viewer a natural sense of intimacy with the artist. But beyond this, is Lauren's positivity in both her artwork and communication, her appreciation in all things and her wonderful way of pure enjoyment! We are very pleased to exhibit her work."

Marjorie Kaye
Director, Caladan Gallery

all images and artworks copyright of
Lauren Curtis 2004