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On this page can be found all my completed artistic endeavors. As you can probably tell, I like just about and medium as long as the finished piece is not dependent on my ability with a pencil or paintbrush. I enjoy finding now 3-D methods and materials to experiment with, which is what most of the pieces shown here are. Please look around, and be a bit charitable with my experimentations!

Polymer Clay Figurines

This is the media that I've been working with the longest, and therefore am the most comfortable with. I picked up a piece from an artist friend of my mother's when I was about 7 years old, and haven't given up the hobby since. Most recently I picked up a book on how to draw emotions, and found out how wonderful it is to be able to make a mischievous little sprite laugh.

Quilted Pictures

This was a technique that my art teacher forced me to do the self Portrait as a final project. Very interesting, really. They're a lot like Watercolor Quilts, but taken directly from photographs.


Mixed Media Dolls