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The Lakers Hall of Famers exhibited their intense talents from time to time. Their long-term success made them one of the most distinguished franchises of the professional basketball. Their 33-game winning streak set a professional sports record. The luminaries such as Bob McAdoo , Wilt Chamberlain , Jim Pollard , Vern Mikkelsen , Slater Martin , Elgin Baylor , Gail Goodrich , Magic Johnson , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Clyde Lovellette , James Worthy left no stone unturned to make their club the team of the future.


Chamberlain also known as The Big Dipper holds nearly 100 NBA records. His size was always an added advantage for him. He averaged over 30 points and over 22 rebounds per game for his entire career. His 31,419 points in 1,045 pro games was the best in the league when he retired in 1974 . Elgin Baylor was Lakers most sporty and vivacious athlete to play the professional basketball. He played 15 seasons in the Lakers uniform. Baylor became the NBA Rookie of the Year . From the 1960- 61 to the 1962 - 63 seasons, he averaged 34.8, 38.3 and 34.0 points per game, leading the Lakers to the NBA Finals eight times. The Lakers were a continuously a powerful team during his career. Earvin "Magic" Johnson played as a point guard for the Lakers and helped them win five NBA championships. He is also the only NBA rookie to win the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award in 1980.

His strikingly elaborate passing style and winning ways earned him the name “Magic.” He transcended in all the facets of the game. He led the Lakers in scoring three times and twice in rebounding. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a center who stood 7'2”. He holds 20 years of NBA experience. Abdul-Jabbar was famous for his sky hook shot, which was very difficult for the opponents to defend. He was also a fitness freak.

He retired in 1989. James Ager Worthy played as a small forward for the team. He is still recognized for his ability to glide effortlessly through the air to the basket. For his noteworthy achievements, he became a first-ballot inductee into the NBA hall of fame in 2004. Jerry Alan West holds the most celebrated career in the pro basketballl. In his 14 years of career with the Lakers, he vied as a player, and then he became a coach and finally an executive. George Mikan , 6-10 ruled the sport in the early years of NBA. Mikan scored 11,764 points in nine professional seasons. He led the league in rebounding, free-throw attempts and scoring. He even coached the Lakers in 1957-58 season and introduced the league's trademark red, white and blue basketball.

Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal is one of the most aggressive basketball players who currently play for the Miami Heat. Though he is not their Hall of Famer, but still his achievements are par excellence. He led the Los Angeles Lakers to 3-straight NBA titles. Shaq has been voted to and played in the All-Star Game every year since his rookie season.