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tuesday, 16 march, 2003

update the homepage's layout. current view-noble poet, artwork, photo gallery. unable to view the guestbook.  


monday, 15 march 2003

Flipping through stacks of newspapers since last Sunday. What else should i read? Newpapers is stuffed with the political issues and faces of future leaders, and impostors as well. It won't end until 21 March. Another history will be written, either it is nasib or takdir. The 11th Malaysia's Election is just around the corner. Posters and banners with picture perfect smile and 'nampak-macam-bagus' candidates is everywhere. While driving and passing over the candidates posters, i search for the sincere and humble looking face. That's it. I'm still blur on judging peoples faces. But people says, don't judge books by it's cover, Hey, we can debate this pepatah. to be continue.. 


sabtu, 13 march 2003

read my poem/rhyme/verse?  











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