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Matthew Krawcheck

Matthew "Matty Tang" Krawcheck

I am a junior painting major at Kansas City Art Institute. My recent paintings are figurative/ narrative works that are highly personal and explore stories involving me, myself, I, moi, yours truly, Matty Tang and mini-me. In their search to acquire working pressure gauges, they are willing to sell their clones to Matty Tang. He in turn puts the clones to work building and fixing pressure gauges, which he can then barter for more mini-me's. In essence, the person you go to when you have a problem is Matty Tang. The characters need pressure gauges to exist in an unstable environment of warped walls, floors and ceilings, which threaten to consume them if they can't keep their bearings.

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"Poring over the excrutiating minutiae that must be pored over to achieve the goals that must be achieved"

"Seeking out that which must be sought out according to the specifications prescribed by those individuals fit to prescribe the specification that must be prescribed"

"Operation: Midnight Assembly Line"

KC Cranes

"Rooftop view after heavy rain"

"By the corner"

"Drunk 'ol Dan"

"NOT Milk!"


"Dan the Man"

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"Abe and Petunia"

"Figure Study 1"

"Figure Study 2"

"Matty Tang: Self Portrait as a Young Man"

"Inspecting those installments that must be deemed fit in order to proceed with the installations prescribed by those individuals fit to head the Department of Mandatory Corrections"