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The purpose of the karate kyoshitsu

The purpose of the karate kyoshitsu
by SENSEI AKIHITO ISAKA (Former JKA present Karate World Federation)

Naturally, the ultimate goal of each karate student is to master the unique technique of the JKA at their highest level (that is, to process ones’ own infinite space) one of the aims of this class is to control and develop physical, spiritual, moral and mental integrity.  
Gichin Funakashi and other predecessors of ours created a special training system for achieving this goal. We must search deeper into this system and study the essence of the basics (in other words the purest fundamentals) to comprehend the true path of the method.
In order to inspire one’s creativity it is important to grasp the whole image first then discover its principles and study the basic element of those principles. The student must recognize the fact that this takes a great deal of time.
Everybody’s pace differs according to age and health but this class offers each practitioner, individually, the opportunity to raise their level.
The meaning of ‘keiko’ is often interpreted as either ‘to train’ or ‘to be trained’, however, in this class my only hope is that participants may seek for themselves the best way to develop their abilities and to feel that they are creating their own technique through the method.
When practitioners realise that if they spend enough time and follow the true way in their daily lives, at school, or at home they can achieve their goals, then I believe that this class has accomplished its purpose.

Former JKA present Karate World Federation