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Points on basics and techniques

Some point on basics and techniques of excellence
by Sensei Isaka Akihito (Former JKA present  Karate World Federation)

All the sports of the world, the art and martial ways sprung forth from Japanese culture and tradition, whichever we take, and anyone has techniques particular to it, and these techniques are born from a certain purpose.
Certainly this is not different for the techniques characteristic of the Japan Karate Association. When truly tackling the technique of the JKA, one must display the particular technique of the JKA in the way one responds in kumite, and I think this should be no different in the application of kata.
To master the characteristic technique an indispensable condition is the training of basics. When one does not attain a certain level in basics, one can certainly not master the characteristic techniques.
Furthermore, to reach a high level of basics, one needs to have a proper understanding of the essentials of body movement (1. to be able to use and move the hips like a ball, 2. to be able to use and move the muscles in the back). Exactly by mastering these high-level basics one can become a top-class technician.
To reach the highest hitting power it will become necessary to understand what form is ideal and to reach an infinitely high level of control what kind of methodology is right.
Whether it is the expression of technique in customary practice, or in competition, if this expression is not one that gives the highest preference to high-level of basics, there will no value as characteristics technique.
In recent years various styles of karate have appeared on the market, but the characteristics technique of the Japan Karate Association have no equal amongst these other styles?
In the sports, economy, politics, education of modern Japan, whichever we look at, there are hardly any aspects that truly are current in the world. Amongst these the special, particular technique of the Japan Karate Association (the points concerning the process of mastering basics) are one of the very few aspects that are current. More than that, I think these points about the process of mastering can be regarded as a standard for the world.
Exactly because there is such excellent technique, the fact that all people aspiring to the karate-do of the Japan Karate Associations should try to learn the particular technique through the right methodology is, I think, the legacy of the true tradition of all our predecessors, staring with Funakoshi Sensei.

 Sensei Isaka Akihito
Former JKA present Karate World Federation