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Pharaohís advisor


Scripture Reference: Exodus 7:14-11

Core Teaching: Godís awesome power shown through the plagues.


Hotep Seti


Hi my name is Hotep Seti, I am applying for the job of scribe. Nice to meet you. Tell me about myself?Well my last job was with the Pharaoh in Egypt. I was his advisor.That did not end well. I had to deal with a pretty serious situation, and after that I realized I was not cut out for this. Well it started with this guy named Moses.He wanted some of our slaves to be able to have festival in the desert.And Pharaoh, being the slave driver he is, no pun intended, said no. So Moses did these plagues.First was the Nile to blood.Did this impress the Pharaoh? No! In fact so he wasnít showed up, he had his magicians also turn water into blood.Why would he do that?Why would he add to the plague? I donít, he is head strong.At the office we were kind of hoping that if the Nile turned into blood then animalsí blood would turn into water, that didnít work so we dug out water on the banks.The next day was the plague of frogs; this was turning out to be crappy week. Again Pharaoh, not impressed. So he had his magicians make MORE frogs.So now we had twice as many frogs in Egypt and they all died so that was a pain to clean up.The next day was gnats that, needless to say was bad.Then the day after that was flies, which had me worried because now the animals were getting bigger. I mean if it went plague of gnats to flies, then what? Plague of dung beetles, then plague of chickens, to eventually plague of alligators, or elephants, or whales? If only the frogs were still around to eat the flies it wouldnít have been so bad, but no they were all dead and reeking to high heaven. Then the plague of livestock: meaning only that the livestock was sick, it wasnít like cows were falling from the sky, that one could have been much worse. So the next day Moses comes walking into the palace just like every freaking day, I donít know why someone doesnít stop him, goes up to Pharaoh and throws soot in the air like it was confetti and walked off.I thought, ďThrowing soot in the air, this is a pretty minor plague, I mean the janitor could just clean that up. But then the boils started. This made the hail storm the next day really suck because hail hurts when it hits boils.The next day was locust; I was already numb to insects by then so it wasnít that bad. Then the plague of darkness, which honestly, was kind of a relief since I didnít have to see the dead frogs, and dead livestock.Then the big one happened: the death of the first born son.Thatís when things got really serious. After that I was pretty much out of there.I canít say I feel too bad for Pharaoh, he kind of deserved it.The average citizen hurting though, that really stinks.But a good leader is supposed to look after his people first, and Pharaoh didnít do that so I decided it was time for a change.I mean Jericho looks like a pretty safe city. Right?




Copyrighted: John Mello 2005