Scripture Reference: John 11:38-43, Deuteronmy 30:19, John 3:16
Core Teaching: God gave us life so we shouldn’t chose to life in darkness.
Lazarus (all lines spoken from offstage)
Town Folk 1
Town Folk 2
(the Townfolks are talking to each other)
Townsfolk 1: And He told us all to meet here.
Townfolk 2: Maybe He is going to give an eulogy or something.  
Townfolk 1: And then maybe give us all loaves and fish again?
Townfolk 2: I don't think so.  He was really upset.
Townfolk 1: But they were oh so declious.
Townfolk 2: I just don't think he is in the mood right now.
Townfolk 1: Its not like it is hard for Him.  He is God. If I don't get any fish I am leaving.
(Enter Jesus)
Townfolk 1: Hey Jesus will you give us fish!
Jesus: No. I am here to raise my friend from the dead.  You are about to witness the glory of God.
Townfolk 1: And then fish?
Jesus: Roll back the stone.
Townfolk1: I bet there is fish in there.  
Townfolk 2: Shut up.
Lazarus: (delivers all lines off stage) No thanks I am good.
Jesus: What?
Lazarus: Hey.  Thanks for coming down here and offering this life to me, thanks but no thanks.
Jesus: Are you kidding me?  Come out of there. Serouisly I am talking life here.
Lazarus: Nah.
Townfolk 1: Well Jesus, you gave it your best shot.
Townfolk 2: I guess he likes the dark, smelly cave.
Jesus: (to cave) You like it in there? It stinks.
Lazarus: Nah.  You get used to it I bet.  The thing is not to focus on it.
Jesus (to cave): Its dark.
Lazarus: I kinda like that.  I have this acme problem and now I can't see it.  I never really had a positive body image.
Jesus: I am offering you life anew!
Lazarus: Jesus, I know.  I was dead not deaf. I just don't want it.
Jesus: Its a free gift.
Lazarus: Yah so is a second smaller Juicer when I order a Juicer 2000 that doesn't mean I want it.  So just roll the rock back....
Jesus: You are comparing being raised from the dead to a juicer?
Townfolk 2: A second smaller Juicer, Jesus.  
Townfolk 1: Those are pretty nice. They fit in your pocket.
Jesus: Lazarus, look I am on a pretty tight schedule right now.  My actions over the next couple week will redefine the world as we now, so it would be nice if you GET OUT OF THE STINKIN' CAVE
Lazarus: Make me.
Jesus: I am not going to make you. It is your choice I guess.  I mean life, doesn't that sound pretty sweet.
Lazarus: I don't know, I would have so many more responsibilities: job, family, you know all that boring stuff.  If I just stayed in the cave I can do what I want.  I already made a friend with a scorpion.  I named him Mr. Stingy-Head.
Jesus: The life I offer you is so much better.  I can give you sunshine, and joy.
Townfolk 2: Why are you so pushy Jesus? Just let him be .
Jesus: But he will die in there.
Lazarus: It’s my choice.  
Jesus: You will starve, and be alone, and have no joy. Please let me give you satisfaction.
Lazarus: (excited) Oh my You . Hey Jesus, there are other skeletons in here.  I can make a drum set.
Jesus: Quit playing with that stuff, it is gross.
Lazarus: Jesus, I can do what I want when I want.  Listen, I know you saved me and all that jazz, but I really just want to do my own thing right now.  You know, find myself. And once I do all that maybe I will come back to you.  
Jesus: It could be too late then.  Please, accept my salvation.
Lazarus: Nope. Hey Jesus, I am kind of busy with my scorpion friend and skeleton drum set so if you could just leave me alone that would be great.  Maybe you can save someone else.  Someone who likes to follow all those crazy rules and stuff.  
Jesus: This isn't about rules.  I love you Lazarus.
Lazarus: And I love you as a friend.  Ok bye.
Townfolk 1: Tough break Jesus.
Townfolk 2: Happens to the best of us.
Jesus: No one has rejected me like that.  Bluntly just said no to my miracles.
Townfolk 2: Hey.  I am sure it won't happen again.  
Jesus: I hope not.
Townfolk 1: I mean when you offer to save someone who would say no.?
Townfolk 2: So any other stuff on your agenda Jesus?
Townfolk 1: Like maybe a fish miracle. Jesus: No.  I was going to eat and fellowship with Mary and Martha and their brother.
Townfolk 2: The dead one?
Jesus: Yeah. But I guess that is out of the window.  I just hope that doesn't happen again.
Copyrighted: John Mello 2005