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Lita was born November 12, 2002 in Homer, New York. She is a very smart puppy and has no problem picking up on almost everything she is being taught. She loves going to the Bark Park and digging in the mud. Lita also has no problem telling you when she doesnt like what you are doing. Usually when she is being disciplined. Her favorite game is Tug-o-war and not too long ago learned how to catch a frizbee. She then turns that into tug-o-war after each throw. Her favorite trick is to somehow know when it is 6:45 am. EVERY MORNING. Even durring daylight savings and when you try to keep her up late playing. With a tenatious, repetative, single "YAP!" Here are some picts of her.


what are you lookin' at?

"Doo, Doo, Doo, lookin' out my back door"

He's not wakin up!

Zzzzzz Zzzzzzz

Lita at Pennsylvania rest stop

Yeah, Almost as pretty as I am.