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I have been tattooing since January 1998, just after finishing an A.A.S in Advertising Design at Cazenovia College. I began my apprenticeship under Gina Clapp at Walking Outrage and have worked with her since.


The shop has grown immensly since I started working here. It has relocated twice due to volume and I assisted in the addition of a computer network wich allows customers the benefit of watching every proceedure on screen before actually going through it. The network also provides informative articles about various questions customers have, as well as some flash organized into categories wich makes it more efficient to find the type of design they are looking for.


It has just been a year since I left Syracuse and I have learned a great deal in Ft Lauderdale especially working at Stevie Moon Tattoo. I spent most of my time there working with Audi and we colaborated well on many tattoos. We worked countless late nights amd just as many early mornings bouncing ideas around until satisfied with the design. I then worked for a high volume shop in Hallandale Beach where I made a few friends. Massic, Karen, Chris, and James. James being very focused on blackwork, Massic well versed in graffiti and color work I picked up a couple new ideas from them as well. Now I am at Ink Addiction where I am free to explore as an artist again. It is nice not having a shop owner breathing down your neck and telling you how you are going to tattoo and with what supplies you must use. Donna, the owner, is wonderful to work for. John, an artist/piercer, has been tattooing almost 2 years now, and he is farther along than I was at that point. He seems to really want to keep getting better and cannot wait to really focus on the Japanese style. Between the two of them, Ink Addiction has a very comfortable and creative atmosphere. I am very excited with what South Florida has brought to the table for me. Not just career wise either. I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon next.


It has been almost a year yet again since I have updated this bio. As with anyone and any full year of thier life, alot has happened. I left Ink Addiction to move back to Syracuse. With the intention of saving money and moving to the big apple. Well, that is not what happened. I went back to Walking Outrage for a good 7 months to help out. There were alot of artists coming and going till I got back. But then as my vagabond side started emerging again, I hit the road. This time a tour of various bike shows, tattoo conventions, and guest spots for people I met along the way. Durring one of my last adventures, I got a phone call from Shawn at Grinder Tattoo in Rochester, NY. I thought about it for a day or two and here I am! You know, I was wrong about this place. I figured it was another Syracuse, just farther from I81 (the road that gets my out of town). So we will see what happens from here. I have a few projects in the making right now but I am not displaying any online untill they are about to actually happen. What I can tell you thats comming shortly is a photography project focusing on The Gates in Central Park. I will in the next couple weeks have thumbnails online and some prints will be available for purchase. Even if you arent thrilled with the idea of what the Christo and Jeanne-Claude have done, take a look at the photos and just enjoy them for what they are. Till next time, "Drive Fast and Take Chances!" 4/16/2005 - Just figured I would start dating the updates. I took down my pictures of the Gates. They were alot of fun but time to expire. I am still working in Rochester and meeting quite a few new people. Especially because I am now open at my own studio. Park Avenue Tattoos. Yep, on Park Ave. It is a very small studio but perfect for me and a piercer. I can focus on custom work and not be bothered by owners, other artists and management bullshit. Yea, some people I have worked with in the last 7 1/2 years were pains in the ass. Many were cool, though. So once I catch back up on my work there will be pictures and such of newer work and the shop itself. Untill next time, thank you everyone who has supported me and made getting my own place happen!