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Chi Yen




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Chi Yen

This is my cousin in Vietnam. I met her for the first time back in 1998 when I went on vacation overseas. For a long time in my life, I always question who in my family closely resemble me the most. I don't have alot of cousins over in America, and I don't find any of my immediate family members similar at all. So when I met my cousin Chi Yen, I was shocked we were the small height ,because besides my sister, mostly everyone is a few inches taller. The more I got to know her as a person, the more things we talked about, I finally came to my conclusion. Even though we grew up in different sides of the world, our perspective in life have the same morals. We view people on the same levels and will always stay true to ourselves. When her oldest sister died , I can remember the phone call I made to her, and remember the broken promise I made too. I said I would see her soon, it has been many years since , and I still haven't seen her. *sniff*sniff.

This photogragh of her just blew me away the first time I laid my eyes on it. I kept it for awhile before one day, I finally decided to draw it for her. My cousin is a very wealthy women in her country, and can buy anything she wants. When this drawing was given to her, she hung it up in the main room of her main house. She called me and told me how much it meant to her. But I still believe that it meant more to me...

So, if you are still curious of how the rest of my "temporary pastime/hobby " turn out, than just click on the links (in the left hand side ) you are interested in.