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A beautiful fall day calls for a pumpkin picking! Of course, the
girls thought I was living up to my "namesake", Cinderella, just
in being out in the fields looking at pumpkins!
One of the best things I was able to do was in attending the Renissance Fair in
Maryland almost every year. With friends, we were able to enjoy the magic the
fair provided. Including trying on these fantastic capes!
Fourteen to fifteen (I can't remember the true number, but that is pretty
close) of us cramped into this limo to take us to the DPN 10 Gala. It was a
little tight, but a lot of fun!!!
Here we are, all dressed to our finest, ready to join the big celebration in city
for the big DPN (Deaf President Now) 10 Gala . This was the first time in my
entire life wearing such a fantastic dress! ( I think I still have it somewhere...)
Freshman year- This was the first time I ever ice skated in my life. I wasn't
that bad, but some of these guys were such "show offs" in their skating
skills, especially Chad (center)! Alyssa, right next to me (I'm the furthest to
the left) also was a newbie on ice, so I wasn't alone!
A tradition, especially with Gallaudet's Campus Crusade for Christ, we had was
the "All Night Prayer " at a friend's house . Reason being, the friend had a
HUGE backyard with plenty of room for us to build a bonfire to pray around.
As you can see we also had a bit of fun. Plus my parents and brother joined it
as well! One favorite memory was... Marva's two hour long story!!!